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Wed, Jan 15, 2020 8:47 PM

Yahoo email and Att Password reset

I am trying to reset my Yahoo account password but it continues to direct me to Att login which like many of you I never signed for att and yahoo merge. Now I cant change my password for yahoo and it continues to redirect me to att. I called yahoo (btw they want you to pay for a premium to get phone assistance, what (Edited per community guidelines)) and called Att and both blame each other and say to contact each other, I talked to 6 people yesterday and no freaking help. I am so frustrated because I have been hacked and these (Edited per community guidelines) hackers keep logging in. Anyways has anything worked for you all because apparently all these ATT and Yahoo employees have not been able to do anything to fix the problem.





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1 month ago

I've got the same issue trying to change an old password.



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1 month ago

Looks like ATT still uses Yahoo to blame and forgets who (att) we are paying.