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Sat, Oct 13, 2018 2:53 PM

What are the POP and SMTP servers for email domain???

Hello!  I have been with the domain on AT&T.  My email client has stopped retrieving mail due to error!  I am not really sure what the error is but it could be that it is the email server name that is incorrect.  I have been using and for POP and SMTP respectively.  This has stopped working! Before this, I used and  That ended when Yahoo went the other way and screwed up!  Anybody here know what the servers name are?


Thanks in advance.



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2 years ago

Servers are documented here.  They haven't changed in quite some time.


Given you have a legacy account you most likely having login problems.   Can you even log into the webmail to verify the account and password are still working?  I suggest you change your password (Forgot ID/Password) and also change your password settings in your email client to use a secure mail key instead of the new password.  Read this (which includes a link to how to create a secure mail key).


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