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Fri, May 20, 2016 1:54 AM

Unreliable DSL connecxtion in Himble, Texas

ATT advertises 99.9% reliability. I get disconnected almost everyday several times a day. It usually comes back after a minute. Sometimes 15 minutes. But it is pain. My live in Humble, Texas (zip code 77396). Sometimes e-mails I have to send could not be sent. Inn such emergencies, can I use some other connection like ATT wi-fi (without additional charge). If so, how? Thanks





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What do your DSL stats look like?


You can find them by going to in your browser. If you have a Netgear device, it should be located by going to "Advanced" then the "Statistics" side tab. If you have a 2Wire/Pace, it should be under "Settings" then "Broadband." Post information such as things like max rate, sync rate, noise margin, and attenuation.


When you refer to AT&T WiFi, are you talking about the AT&T hotspots around certain business locations? If so, that's included with your plan. If you're talking your home WiFi, you don't need to do anything special to access that as it's included, if you're using an AT&T wireless gateway.


AT&T also offers LTE home hotspots like the AT&T Home Base device. It's kind of expensive though.

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Based on your description, it sounds like you might be getting some static in your phone line. BUT, it also appears to be only internittant, making it hard to find the source.

The obvious first step is to check you line filters, and see if they are okay.

Checking all the places where the phone line has a connection is a good place to make sure it is a good solid connect. (Using a q-tip or cloth to lightly wipe the contacts also can't hurt. They may not move, but they can get dirt, or something else on them which can affect the connection.)


If you have a big heavy applicance like a deep freezer, washing machine, etc. can cause a burst of static running up your power line, and can just into your phone line.


You may need to have a line tech come by and do an onsite check to make sure all your equipment and connections are good.


About all i can think of off the top of my head.  Good luck.



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5 y ago

I had a similar situation.  My ATT DSL would drop out 5 to 10 times a week.  Sometimes for 5 min, sometimes for hours.  Then I was upgraded from a 3 Meg connection to 5 Megs.  After that my connection would drop at least once per day.  The first time a line tech came he didn't find anything.  The second time the tech was able to observe the coming and going of the connection.  He investingated and found some poorly assembled connectors in the juncton box across the street.  After about a month my connection has only dropped once except for this week.  Now, this week, my connection went completly dead for 2 days. Had to have a tech come out again to get it back.  The tech didn't say what was wrong this time.  

I hope this isn't going to be the norm where my connection goes out once a month requiring a repair. 

The first tech said a big issue with my connection was the data error rate.  Apparently, if the error rate goes above a certian value, the connection automatically gets reset.  For anyone interested in technical details, my current connection stats are copied below.  Note that I continue to have FEC Error rate of at least 1.5 Million per day.  


Downstream Sync Rate (kbps) 6012
Upstream Sync Rate (kbps) 766
Downstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps) 8512
Upstream Max Attainable Rate (kbps) 1172
Modulation ADSL2+
Data Path Interleaved
Downstream Upstream
SN Margin (dB) 8.4 15.2
Line Attenuation (dB) 47.5 27.5
Output Power(dBm) 18.1 11.9
Errored Seconds 5423 0
Loss of Signal 12 0
Loss of Frame 0 0
FEC Errors 272071526 5
CRC Errors 16689 0
Timed Statistics

15 Min Cur Day Showtime Last Showtime Total
(ES)    66 421 5423 5423 5423
(SESL) 3   99 158   158   158
(UASL) 0     0     0       0   12775

Errors 158283 1518738 272071526 272071526 272070545

Errors  339 4416 16689 16689 16688


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5 y ago

Hello @chiraldude

We are sorry for your inconvenience. We will be glad to help. That is not the norm, and the FEC and CRC!!! wow, please send me a private message by clicking here. Provide your



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