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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 2:20 AM

Unable to access 2nd email account

My parents have accounts.   When they try to login, it always goes to my mom's account instead of my dad's.  We'll use my dad's username/password, and it will login and show my mothers email, and that they're logged in on her seperate email account.

Then my dad's account is disabled if we logout/login as that.  I reset the password, rinse repeat.  My mom's account you log in, it shows her email adn everything.  log out, log in as dad, password needs to be reset.

How do I get that resolved?  this started over the weekend.


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a month ago

We are here to help with your Email trouble, @trexpert,


In most cases clearing the cache, cookies, and saved passwords will resolve this trouble.

  • When clearing the cache and cookies, select saved passwords as well.
  • You do have the option to choosing since when you want clear the cache and cookies.
    • The default is generally 1 hour. Select a time before the trouble started happening or "Forever" aka "From the Beginning of Time." 

If this does not resolve the trouble. Let's find the (Edited per community guidelines) cause of the trouble.

  1. Try using a different web browser to login.
    • This can show that the trouble is inside the browser itself.
      • The two general causes of this trouble is a browser issue or add-on. 
      • Recommend disabling browser add-ons one-at-time to see which add-on is causing the trouble or use different browser temporarily till there is a browser update.
  2. Use a different device.
    • Using a different device will show if it is a device issue. Device issues are generally troubles with the Operating System (OS) or software that is installed on your computer. 
      • Recommend checking your OS, and software for updates.
        • It can be tricky to find which software is causing the issue. Most likely targets will be; Firewalls, Anti-virus/Malware software, and password vaults.

Let us know if this helps.



Max, AT&T Community Specialist


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