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Tue, Dec 4, 2012 4:10 PM

Turn OFF Spamguard

I want Spamguard OFF ... I have excellent junk mail/spam filters on my personal computer. Due to the unwanted Ads (why do I have ads if I pay a monthly bill?), I rarely use internet mail. I had turned off Spamguard because of too many false positives.


I recently received an e-mail from a business contact that referenced an e-mail I did not receive. I checked my spam and junk folders and finally logged in to web-mail. WOW! Over 100 spam messages ... that I never got ... including 5-6 that were "real". Since i rarely use it, who knows how many other false positives have been deleted!


I can find all kinds of documentation on turning ON spamguard, but how do I turn it OFF? 


When I go to options and Spam, the box next to "Control SpamGuard" is UNchecked, but it still filters my mail. 


I have imported my contacts, but i see nowhere that I can have SpamGuard ignore mail from my contacts. 


Please help me solve this. I missed a sale today because SpamGuard caught a "real" e-mail. Smiley Mad





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4 years ago

Same here...  Please reinstate the option to just turn SPAM filtering off.






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4 years ago

My understanding is, to protect users from spamming, SPAMGUARD is part of the e-mail servers base code now, and can't be turned off.

I know folks don't want to do it, but as far as I know, the only way to bypass spamguard is to download the raw data off the e-mail server using IMAP protocall and use your pcs mail program to process it.

If you want to send feedback about getting the e-mail code altered to disallow spamguard, i'd recomend sending a private message to the customer care team. They cross over to ALL ATT departments, and also handle complaints, recomendations, and so on.

Pick one of there care team links (any will work) and send a message with your name, account, phone, contact email, best time to connect with you, and a message with your needs. Give them a couple days or so to get back with you, and I hope they can help.


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Good luck



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3 years ago

Thye don't listen....



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3 years ago

The worst part is switching it without notice, really irresponsible.

How much mail was lost forever by customers who had now idea what was happening?

I figure I lost several months of 'spam' before I discovered what was going on.

Really shabby.


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3 years ago

As @rascal614 says above they don't listen!



What you are suggesting is just a waste of time.  I sent a private message February 5 to @ATTHelpForums about this problem (and even referenced this thread) and all I got was one of those standard "We hate to see you disappointed by us!" replies plus asking for my account, etc. info. from some so called "AT&T Community Specialist" in India.  I replied with the requested info and never heard anything from him again.


Do you think sending a message to @ATTU-verseCare would produce any different result?  I don't intend to switch to IMAP. 


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