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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 2:59 AM

Store Room Fastener's Inc. Email Blacklist Removal IP Address:

My name is Andrew Hines and I am the IT Manager for Store Room Fasteners Inc operating out of Montgomery, Alabama.


Our Company is an essential provider of VMI services and parts and components supplier for the medical manufacturing industry.


Your email blacklist service is blocking our outbound IP Address for all outbound email to our clients using the domain name.


We are receiving the following error:


From:[email scrubbed] Time:2020-07-01 21:14:20 
To:[email scrubbed] Action:Allowed 
Subject:June 30, 2020 Statement Reason:UI Delivered 
Size:110307 Delivery Status:Rejected 
Source IP:  Delivery Detail:host[] said: 553 5.3.0 flpd595 DNSBL:RBL 521 _is_blocked.For assistance forward this error to (in reply to MAIL FROM command)


I have repeatedly contacted the email address and have not received a response or a resolution to this issue for over a month.


Our IP Address is used for legitimate business purposes and is preventing the delivery of invoices and other critical business communications.


Please remove our IP from your blacklist at once.



Andrew (Edited as per community guidelines)

Store Room Fasteners, Inc.

IT Manager

(Edited as per community guidelines) Voice Ext : 252







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10 m ago

Good Morning @Adhines,


We understand your need to communicate via email for business and we want to help you out.


I can see from the detail that it shows a 521 error usually indicating spam but I also ran the ip address through a blacklist checker and did not find any results.


I sent an email to our Postmaster to inquire about the block and he replied that this was unblocked earlier today. Please retest and let us know if the issue is resolved.


Thank you,

RoyN, AT&T Community Specialist



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10 m ago

Hello @Adhines,

Please be mindful about sharing your personal details like, Phone number, email id, IMEI number, account number, last name, Credit/Debit card number, order number, Driver licence details, address. This is a public forum and your privacy is very important to us. As per AT&T Community Forum's guidelines your personal details will be scrubbed. Have a great day!

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