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Mon, Nov 24, 2014 8:48 PM

Smtp traffic to Microsoft office 365 smtp server

[Subject edited for better exposure]On my 3rd call. Issue is very simple. I need my home internet connection to allow smtp traffic to Microsoft office 365 smtp server. Appears ATT is blocking port 25 traffic and possibly tripping up TLS start smtp configuration.


I called tech support. They connected me to some foriegn country. People clearly giving me run around. I finally asked for supervisor. THe supervisor at first sounded nice but told me she understood what was going on (i thought ... finally thank goodness ..) then she transfered me to the paid support line.

Really paid support for what .. this is something ATT needs to do from the ATT side. This is well documented via simple google search. ATT needs to allow port 25 traffic for third party smtp traffic. Clearly it is not appropriate to tranfsfer to paid supprt. Futher this supervisor did not mention that is what she was going to do.


Next the guy at paid support gave me the runaround. I explained things once again and it was a complete zoo. ATT clearly has structured this to take advantage of the uninformed.


Finally i was so frustrated with the waste of time that i hung up. I then called customer service to complain. They put me on hold and as of now i have been on hold for 54 minutes and 55 seconds .. nothing but stupid music. I have had time to rediscover this community formum. Figure out i have and old id that i had already setup for this forum. Reset the password .. and add this complaint.


At least it makes me feel better to add the complaint. I am about to give up and hang up.









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4 years ago

Just got off the phone with a att rep. He treated me very badly yelled st me !! I am a 20+ att customer.. this is ridiculous!! His name is Micheal. His number is VS 74C,, I asked not to put me on hold and he did,, till the office closed!! If I did this for my company we would be out of business,, can someone help me?? Or does anyone care???



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3 years ago

I'm with yea. Sell AT&T stock if they can't even answer the phone I'm pretty sure that's just the tip of the Incompetent iceberg



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2 years ago

You are correct.  Customer service is nonexistent.  Even if you get someone that you can understand, the only thing they can say is you have to call another number or let them ask their supervisor.  Then, the answer is always the same "that we can't do that.  it's the rule. "  They can break the rules when it is them but not when it is on your side.  For instance, they can charge you a different rate than what they promised you when you signed up but they can't waive the early cancellation fee for someone who is 84 years old and is cancelling their Direct TV service because of financial restraints.  And not say anything about it until she gets the bill!!!!  What kind of company does business like this???  They have so many customers that they don't care.  They will just lure another senior citizen in with promises of lower rates to make up for the ones they have treated so poorly.  SHAME ON YOU, AT&T.




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a year ago

I've wrestled with AT&T's poor service for many years. Sadly what began as just less than mediocre steadily got worse to the point now that if it weren't so tragic it would be hilarious. 


The company is disjointed, communicating (ironically) internally is a morass of missed, inconsistent and erroneous information that only serves to provide near impossible management of information to allow their employees to do work. After 5 days of no service, three tech visits and 9 calls, we are still waiting for connectivity.  All 9 of the representatives I spoke with had such thick non-English accents that it was nearly impossible to understand them. Coupled with the fact that all but one could not understand English the experience has been nightmarish.


We are waiting for yet another tech to come out today. Our entire neighborhood is out. All told, we have made dozens of calls and yet each time the rep (when we could understand them) has said there is no outage in our area.


As I said, if not so tragic, ATT service would be hilarious.

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