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Sat, Sep 21, 2019 11:08 PM

Secure Mail Key for Subaccounts

I have four email subaccounts with  My main account (as shown on my bill, I never use.) But have used it for the myATT website profile. I think when I started with Sbcglobal DSL this email address was used as a "control" for all of the subaccounts. May still be, but I know some things changed over the years. (since 2005) 


From the email that I just received it appears I need to get secure mail keys.. I have scoured this forum to see what other people were saying.  I have been to myAT&T website and it is trying to get me to link accounts. I don't think I want to do that. One of my subaccounts is missing from the list that can be linked anyway.


I use Mozilla Thunderbird  with all my subaccounts.. Set up POP3. I want to keep TB, but looks like I need to use secure keys.


Here's my question:  To create secure mail keys for subaccounts do I need to create a profile @ myAT&T for EACH account?  (Using the account for the user ID and the password associated with that account.)

I did not know I could have multiple PROFILES on myAT&T.  My email is working fine and I don't want to screw things up. It just seems weird to have multiple PROFILES @ myAT&T.


I have read the info online about getting keys, but it is all a little confusing. I don't think AT&T / YAHOO is addressing the use of subaccounts at all. I saw a post by "BeSketicalOfAll" on Sept 20 at 7:08. They are having nearly the exact same problem as me. -- But the issue of multiple myAT&T PROFILES was not mentioned. Only that they need to create a secure key for EACH subaccount.



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2 y ago

You need to log into myAT&T for each subaccount and manage its secure mail key from there.



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2 y ago

OK, Thanks. That's what I thought, but wanted to confirm. I'll accept this as solved if it works. lol




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1 y ago

his is to reinforce what was said above and maybe clarify. Have struggled with my wife's subaccount failing after many years. Knew about the Secure Mail Key change but waited until it hit one of ours. That happened on Wednesday.

So, following ATT instructions from one of the several offerings I logged into my main account profile and found the Manage Secure Mail Keys section. There I found all the accounts (main and subaccounts) with places to create a key for each one. I chose the affected account profile, created a Secure Mail Key, carefully copied it into the password field of Outlook 2010 and tested it. Failed. Then failed again and again using 3 different keys after deleting each one. Furious!

I decided to browse the net again before hiring professional help or jumping off a cliff. I came upon this thread and saw login to each separate account to create it's key. Went back into the main account and deleted the last key created for her and logged off. Logged into her sub account profile and there was another place to create key. There was not one showing. Did that one, placed into Outlook tested and IT WORKED!

Tested from there all kinds of ways and success every time just like it had worked perfect on Tuesday.

Man that was a close one! Seems as though one could create more than one key for an account. Duh!

Now the only thing is I have 6 more accounts to do but guess I'll wait until they fail hoping the current procedure will be valid. Oh yeah, in one thread I ran across some poor guy had his Secure Mail Key work for a couple of months before failing. Please!!!

Thanks to all who contributed to this topic on the net.

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I have two accounts, one of which was relabeled and moved to a new ATT login when I had DirecTV years ago. I've logged into both accounts on ATT and created a SMK for each one, but the account that ATT changed (and which has had problems at least once a year for 5 years now) won't work with the keys I've generated (I've tried several times). Calling tech support is pretty useless.  Most of the first-line techs have no clue; it took several calls before I got someone who explained the process to get the first account working.  I've now made several calls about the second account and got no help (and some of those techs barely spoke English).  I was told this would be accelerated to level 2 tech support, and I've never received that help; I'm now FIVE months into trying to fix this (going back to October 2020).


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