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Sun, Mar 15, 2015 4:15 PM

"Search for messages from..." doesn't work

This week's problem...


When I use the link to "Search for new messages from" -- open a message, click on sender name then click the link indicated -- there are no results.    AFAICT, this started a few days ago.   What's the deal?



Note:   One of the constantly annoying issues I have with ATT is its non-support of the actual e-mail application.    The Yahoo! e-mail link for "E-mail Support" is directed to ATT -- which repeatedly tells us that it is not responsible for the actual e-mail application.    If you aren't going to support the application, why are you hijacking the link?


Community Support


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6 years ago

Hi @athenian,


Sorry about the issues you are having with your mail. Do you have this issue with other browsers? Also, try typing in the search field [from:"(name of sender)"] to see if that pulls anything up.


-David T

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