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Sun, Oct 6, 2019 8:19 PM

Phishing Attempt

Back In February 2019, while running Windows 7 and using Outlook 2010 as my email client, I successfully took the recommended steps to get a one-time code for OAuth and continued to get my emails through Outlook.

Now, I have recently upgraded my same computer to Windows 10 and upgraded my email client to Outlook 2013 with all data transferring seamlessly into Outlook 2013.  I have been using it successfully for 2 weeks so I am now confused by the recent email from AT&T YAHOO stating that it is time to upgrade from my Classic email to their new version before October 10 or I will lose access to my email.  Since they want me to click a link to proceed, I will not do that. And since the final sentence has a word missing, it does look like a phishing attempt. I would caution others to be wary, and I implore AT&T to alert their customers of this problem.



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a year ago

I believe that's phishing.  They don't even know you aren't using the webmail but a email client instead.  So the spammer just blasts it out to everyone on their email lists.  And even if you are using webmail no one is going to want to "upgrade" top the classic webmail UI which by the way is referred to as "basic" in the webmail and hasn't been called "classic" since the "new" webmail UI (formally called "full featured") came out some time ago.


Att isn't going to do anything about it just because the phisher used att's logo.  That's a common spam/phishing trick using many other company's logos as well.


Just trash it. 

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