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Thu, Aug 4, 2016 3:01 PM


Former Bright House customer for 10 plus years, just switched to AT&T U-Verse and Direct TV and extremely un happy with customer service thus far. 


Can someone give me a corporate complaint email address? I spent over an hour on the line with customer care late yesterday with a representative that barely spoke english and talked over me and was extremely rude.


I am renting a home and just moved in last weekend. I called At&T to set up new service for internet and was given a date and time frame for installation. I took the day off and waited for the technician only to have them not show up. I spent over an hour on the phone with the new order department for them to tell me that my service installation was on hold. It was on hold due to the previous tenant not handling their account balance with AT&T. I was told they tried to email me (which was false, no emails were received) to inform me of this information. So, my account was placed on hold because of a person not known to me not paying their bill. I was offered nothing to apologize for their mistake or anything to keep my account. I threatened to cancel my service and the rep interrupoted me and said, " are you going to cancel if so let me transfer you to the cancellation department ". This is how much they care about losing a brand new customer.


I regret every moving from Bright House in the first place, if At&T does not resolve these issue and offer me some type of credit for their mistaken I will be cancelling immediately.




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5 y ago

Hi @acornell2007,


Sorry to read of the experience. We can look into this and do our best to assist. We sent a private message, click here to reply back.





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4 y ago

I just recently switched from Bright House (now Spectrum) to AT&T for my internet, TV and telephone service.  I was with Time Warner, BrightHouse & Spectrum since 1987 and switched because of raising prices especially since Spectrum took over.  I am starting to regret switching to AT&T because of several factors.  One I was told that I would have on screen caller ID but has since found out that since they switched me to DirecTV that that service is not available because their control boxes don't have a telephone plugin installed.  I have been trying to log in to my AT&T email but find out that I have to go to Yahoo to sign in but Yahoo don't recognize my AT&T email account.  An AT&T rep and myself just spent 2 hours talking to someone from India trying to get it to work but they had to quit and turned it over to their management to try to solve the problem.  So right now I do not have an active AT&T email account and I need to cancel my BrightHouse account in the new couple of day thus losing all my email addresses!  I also just found out that they could have installed U-Verse instead of installing DirecTV which would have given me the same service with Premium channels plus I would have been able to get on screen caller ID.  I talked to the AT&T sales person for over 2 hours before I made the decision to switch to AT&T and now feel like I was given half truths and downright fibs to get me to change.  I am not a fan of AT&T services right now but am locked in for 2 years.  Rest assured that after 2 years, if service is not a lot better I will switch back to Spectrum or some other service! 

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