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Thu, Aug 30, 2018 4:49 AM

my emails keep going to the spam folder

I have an email address.  My husband also has one.  We've had them for many years.  Just today all of the emails that I send to him have started to go to his junk folder on "att" webmail ....we checked to be sure it wasn't on his computer or iphone's starting online at  We've checked all the filters, etc.  I have a feeling that att thinks my email is spam - due to the fact that I received a bunch of weird spam emails so I'm thinking it's possible my email was used to send out spam.  How do I get my email address to not be recognized as a spam email?



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2 years ago

Just today all of the emails that I send to him have started to go to his junk folder on "att" webmail

There is no "junk" folder in att/yahoo webmail?  Do you mean the "spam" mailbox?


Does all email go into the spam box or just certain ones like yours?

What happens if he sends emails to himself?  Do those get classed as spam?


One thought is that either he accidentally flagged one or more of your emails as spam or there was some content that caused one or more of your emails to be classed as spam and the spam filters started to think you are a spammer.  So all he can to is mark each new email from you that's classed as spam to "not spam" to try to retrain the spam filters.


Since an iphone is also accessing the email, and I assume with the iphone's email client app, then most likely it was configured as IMAP which I believe is the iphone's default setup (as opposed to POP).  With a client set up as IMAP it will always try to stay in sync with the server.  So if stuff moves into the spam folder on the server (and as mirrored in the webmail) you will also see it in the spam folder in the client (and there it may be named "junk").


It works the other way too.  If something is moved into the client's spam folder it will appear to move into the server's (webmail's) spam folder.  So maybe the iphone is classing your stuff as spam and not the webmail.  Easy test for that though.  Turn the iphone's email off (or turn the iphone off) so that only the webmail is involved.   If the iphone is the one doing it then perhaps creating a filter there will solve the problem.


Note that you cannot create a filter on the webmail side since the att/yahoo spam filters have precedence over user defined settings.  So a filter of your own there wouldn't never be executed.

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Having similar problem. SUDDENLY nearly all regular incoming mail now plops in Spam. Even when I move it ("not spam") it shows momentarily in the In box - then dumps it back into Spam. Crazy..! I'm - don't know whether it's Yahoo or ATT problem.

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