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Fri, Apr 10, 2015 2:41 PM

Is ATT DSL service being phased out?

I was having a connection issue, called customer service, after a bunch of tests, they said there is an unknown problem and I need to switch to U-Verse because ATT is phasing out the DSL service by the end of this year.

Is this true?


And about 2 minutes after they switched me to the UVerse rep to change the service, all of a sudden my internet connection started working again.
What is going on? 


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6 years ago

I don't have the links to the "official" information release, but the gist of the details is this: Most legacy DSL connections are planned to be phased out by 2020. In any areas that new u-verse service is expanded, you will be given the option to switch over to the new u-verse service, or end your service. (There may be a few case by case exceptions to retaining DSL, but the rule of thumb is eventual elimination.)

Future new accounts will be u-verse, not DSL. Where DSL already exists, it will be maintained, but no new service areas will be expanded or upgraded. IF (and this is a big if) there is an open port available in a legacy area, you can be added to DSL service. If not, well, youwill need to look elsewhere for an ISP provider.

If you are in an area NOT serviced by ATT, you can add your name to be notified when and if they ever expand to your area.

Per policy, ATT does NOT announce ahead of time, any future expansions of business decisions.

Sounds like you are in an area where you already have DSL, and they are converting to u-verse.

Interesting tid bit: they say they are eliminating DSL, but truth is, U-verse is also technicaly DSL too. ADSL2+, VDSL, vslam, and other similar protocols.

To be fair, the service delivery equipment for DSL and what they use for u-verse is differant, and do not use interchangable protocols, though the new v-dsl boxes do have kind of a secondary system used for traditional analog home phone service. (pots) The push is for digital phone lines, but many still prefer the analog version.

I am sure I glossed over most of this, and even missed a detail or two, but I should have covered most of the high points.

if you use the search, you can find other threads with much more detailed detailed info that what i just provided.

And note: I am another customer like you, I do not work for ATT, not speak for them in any capacity. Just someone who reads thru the threads, and passes on what he's read to others.

Hope this helps.



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6 years ago

Thank you for the info.
We now have the Uverse installed.



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4 years ago

Recap of the Situation
So I have/had two DSL lines at my house - 1 dry loop DSL and one DSL line associated with my land line.  I live in a rural area and have had ATT&T phone and DSL for 10 + years.  I have two DSL lines because speeds are so slow out here; one line is for me (work from home) and one line is for my kids.  I have also spent $200 + per month for 10 years on Direct TV.  I found a much more affordable home phone offering (Straight Talk Home Phone) and wanted to switch phone service, but keep my DSL service that was associated with the ATT&T land line.


AT&T Consultation 
On December 30th I contacted AT&T to inquire about porting my AT&T phone service but leaving the DSL intact.  It was a Chat Session (Ref # 724050837759953894 in the event any AT&T rep. here wants to look it up).  Here are a few nuggets from that chat session (Nicholas is the AT&T representative).  Note the bolded exchanges for relevance.

Nicholas B : Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat.
Glenn : i want to port my telephone service on (redacted for this post) to another provider, however, i want to leave the dsl that is on that line. how do i do that?
Nicholas B : Hello, my name is Nicholas B. I'll be happy to assist you.
Glenn : great
Nicholas B : Thank you.
Glenn : did you see my original question?
Nicholas B : Yes, I am reviewing it.
Nicholas B : Hi Glenn, as I understand you would like to port your home phone to new provider and wish to keep the internet, am I correct?
Glenn : yes
Nicholas B : I can help you with that!
Nicholas B : Please allow me a moment, while I access your account.
Glenn : okay, quick question though, I live in a rural area and TWC just ran service out here. I would like to stay with ATT for internet (long term), but your speeds out here are miserable compared to TWC. How do we see if we can get higher sppeds out here? I would think ATT would be interested in this as all my neigbors are preparing to jump ship as well.
Nicholas B : I can understand your concern. Let me go ahead and check that for you as well.
Nicholas B : Thank you for waiting, I truly appreciate your patience.
Nicholas B : Glenn, I have reviewed your account and see that you have DSL internet and home phone service with us. You do not need to contact us to cancel the home phone service. It will be disconnected automatically once the number is ported to new provider.
Nicholas B : It will not affect your Internet. It will remain same.
Glenn : okay, that's great. what about the issue pf TWC being out here now and no ATT highspeed prescense? 3.0 Mps is not high speed.
Glenn : and to be totally clear, the dsl on (redacted for this post) will not be affected when I port my number?
Nicholas B : Yes, you are correct.



The phone service was ported on January 10th, 2017.  Straight Talk is awesome - but that's a post for another forum.  Of course, the DSL associated with the phone number was canceled.  Nicholas B (above) had no idea what he was talking about.  I moved forward in good faith based on his comments.  Since that time I have been trying to get the DSL line reinstated and spoken to a myriad of AT&T reps, order people, sales people, etc..


AT&T Response

I have spent hours on the phone with reps:  AT&T's marching orders are to get rid of grandfathered DSL lines and put everyone on UVerse.  They do not care that their representative gave me incorrect information and that I am a long-time loyal customer (my mistake).  The do not care that they can only offer me 3.0 Mbps UVerse.  They do not care that I would be required to give up my remaining dry loop DSL to be eligible for the slower Uverse service.  They do not care that his is affecting my business.  


My Question (Finally) 

Is this a situation the FCC would help with?  I see the FCC is required to follow up and that he service provider is required to respond within 30 days.  Any other suggestions.  If I can't get this DSL line back I'm leaving AT&T completely (remaining dry loop, Uverse internet and phone at a second home, and Direct TV.  Any suggestions. 


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2 years ago

Oh wow, I had no idea this was possible. When I signed up I was told I would have DSL because U-verse was not available where I live. What are we to do if they close down DSL and there is no U-Verse available? There is only one other internet service in my area and I changed from them to ATT because their tech support was nonexistent.Smiley Sad



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a year ago

I am in the same boat of not havimg U-verse available in my area also, so I have DSL with ATT.  According to one of the replies to the post we will be grandfathered in for DSL and that DSL is technically call U-Verse too.

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