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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 12:20 AM

Infinite loop on Firefox when switching accounts

I have 2 Yahoo mail accounts.


When I am logged into 1 of them and try to switch to the 2nd (for which I have checked keep me logged in for 2 weeks only a few days ago), I get a "logout successful" in the Firefox tab and then the page goes into an infinite loop between: ... 


Out of an excess of paranoia, I have left out the parameters from the URLs, because I am not sure if they contain any identifying info.


Removing all AT&T and Yahoo related cookies gets rid of the problem, but it is absurd that I would need to do that every time.


I also realize that I can just switch browsers, but Firefox is my default browser and it seems really silly that I can't use it use it for Yahoo mail


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a month ago

We are here to help with your Email trouble, @harolde,


Do you have any add-ons on your Firefox?

  • Add-ons could be the main source of the trouble. Try disabling the add-ons and see if you are still having the same trouble.

Is there an error code or message?


Look forward to hearing from you.



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