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Mon, Jan 15, 2018 8:22 PM

How to stop Yahoomail from filtering SPAM

I access my ATT email through POP3, and I have my own software to manage spam, phishing and bulk mail, and I never use a browser to check email.

The problem I have is that yahoomail is still invalidly classifying email as SPAM, and it is never delivered to me. I recently missed some important emails because of this stupid feature.

I found a way to disable the spam filter at this URL, as AT&T's help desk could not help.


I've just implemented this catch-all bypass, but I would be interested to know if anyone has already tried it successfully.








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4 y ago

Yet another thread on the infamous yahoo spam filtering.  I once experimented with trying to override the spam filters by creating my own filter.  Mine was reverse logic, i.e., send email to the inbox when the from does not contain some garbage unmatchable string as opposed to send to the inbox when the from contains an "@" as that link in your post suggested.  But I discovered that the spam filters take precedence over user defined defined settings.  So no, user defined filters don't work.  But I keep my filter defined in the hopes that someday yahoo will wise up (I know, good luck with that).  Heck, I guess I'll toss in this other one too.


My standard (sarcastic) reply in these threads (you're not the first to complain about it) is the yahoo knows better than you what is and is not spam.


The only thing you can do is flag the spam as not spam so it moves to your inbox for your email client to pick up and in the hopes that eventually (if you do it enough times) the spam filters will get trained to not treat that particular email as spam in the future.


You say you never use a browser to check mail.  I hate webmail too.  But given the way things are you are forced to have to periodically visit the webmail to find out what stuff got sucked up by their spam filters.  I believe that like the trash, it gets emptied about once a month.



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2 y ago

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