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Tue, Feb 26, 2019 5:06 AM

How do I stop and report bogus emails

How do I stop and report bogus email that is trying to get me to click on their email that states "you have a package that is not able to be delivered" actually says USPS in my email account and a few in my spam folder too...I have Yahoo Mail with AT&T as my service provider...


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2 years ago

You treat them like any other phishing or spam email, trash them and move on.  If they are making it to your inbox, and there is some consistent string you can match on, create a filter.  If not, flag them as spam in the hopes the spam filters someday get trained to treat that stuff as spam.  On the other hand for the ones already being classed as spam, with att/yahoo email, there's nothing further you can do.

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