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Tue, Jun 25, 2019 3:01 AM

how do I get the classic email back?

I HATE HATE HATE what yahoo/att decided to do with the email, without asking permission.  Now I cant set things like I want. How do I get the old email design and settings back?


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3 y ago

Hello there @jalaw1,

We'd be happy to help! To return to a more basic version of your inbox, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in the your AT&T Email account, and access your mail.
  2. Near the top right of your screen, you should see a button labelled Settings.
  3. After clicking Settings, you should see another button labelled More Settings.
  4. Once you have clicked More Settings, this should bring you to a new menu.
  5. On this left side of this menu, you should see something the reads Bring me back to basic Mail, or something similar.


Once this is selected, you should be back to a basic form of the Inbox with a simpler design and settings!

If you have any other questions for us, we're always happy to help!

Alexander, AT&T Community Specialist




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3 y ago

The words that AttCares was look for "Switch to basic mail" near the bottom left of the more settings page.  I suspect however that's not what you really want.  When the "new" webmail layout came out late last year it was referred to as "new" while the older version was referred to as "full featured".  Also what was called "classic" became "basic".  So I think what you want is the older "full featured" layout back, not "basic".  There is no going back to the "full featured" layout.  Most of what was there is still in the "new" layout.  It's just rearranged a little with a new paint job slapped on.


Not sure why anyone would want the "basic" but click "Switch to basic mail" and decide for yourself.  Once in there if you want to get back to the "new" layout you should see "Switch to the newest AT&T Yahoo Mail" under the square go button.

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