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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 7:34 PM

email problems using Outlook

Q1. Why does one email address work, but not a second email?

Q2. Why do both email addresses work on iPhone and iPad, but NOT on MacBook?

Q3. Why does only one email address work on one Windows desk PC, but neither email addresses work on another Windows desk PC? 


Have tried to get resolution from:

1. Microsoft (referred me to AT&T)

2. AT&T local store on 2 occasions (referred me to Verizon)

3 Verizon (got EM working on iPhone, but not iPad, etc.)


I have changed passwords, deleted problem email account and attempted to re-add, used both IMAP and POP3. No one any where has been able to get me back online with email-message says cannot connect with server, working offline but not able to get back online (on & on)! I am very frustrated and looking for someone who knows what is going on! Nothing new (no new software, no new hardware, no new services, etc.). Desperate in at&t world and paying for services that barely work!!!


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a month ago

Hello @23WadiKelt, we know how frustrating not having access to your email can be. Let’s get this fixed.


It sounds like you have done a lot of troubleshooting. While we work on this keep in mind that you can always use your regular password to access your AT&T email at (formerly through a web browser.


We have made some recent changes to how our email systems work. We have enhanced the security of AT&T Mail. You now have to use either OAuth or a secure mail key to get your email through an app such as outlook.


Outlook is not currently compatible with Open Authentication (OAuth), you will need to create a Secure Mail Key.


We hope this helps @23WadiKelt, please let us know if you need additional assistance.


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a month ago

I have already created the secure mail key but that made no difference to fix my problem! Wouldn’t it be better if anyone could communicate with me to assist in getting resolution? This problem began while making a payment on the AT& T app on May 27th, seems to need AT&T assistance to remedy. It’s not a Verizon or Outlook problem, but something wrong with AT&T service!

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