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Sat, Oct 5, 2019 2:55 PM

editing and deleting contacts in e-mail

Ever since this "new and improved" version of my e-mail program replaced the one that was actually functional, logical, and painless, I cannot locate the options to edit or delete contacts.  My e-mail is a account.  Help? 





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a year ago

Click the little contacts icon to the top right of the mail list pain to bring up the "new" contacts UI in the right pane.    When you mouse over the contacts in the list it will be highlighted.  Click the blank area to the right in the desired highlighted area or the name (any place except the email address) and the pane is replaced with a new pane showing that contact.  Click the three horizontal dots (...) above and to the right of that contact.  A small popup menu will appear to edit and delete (if you are lucky the delete won't be disabled) that contact.



I didn't see your other post until after I saw this thread. You didn't mention here anything about not seeing the three dots.   If those three dots aren't there then that's probably yet another "glitch" in the new contacts UI.  If so then sorry, I have no suggestions for that.


Have you tried relaunching your browser or tried another browser for comparison?

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