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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 2:58 AM

Can’t send emails. (30 days now)(sbcglobal.net) Receiving emails fine.

Rules: (point 6 describes the problem)

  1. If you work for ATT, (digital assistance and social media centers) do NOT make this conversation private. If you do, I won’t  be able to get back to it. This is my second attempt at finding a solution and I have made this rule because I can not get back to the original public conversation. Leave this conversation public.
  2. If you work for ATT, (digital assistance and social media centers) and leave me your phone number and a five digit extension, forget about it. Two ATT social media Reps happy to help have left me their numbers and extensions and I am here to say that I can not reach you with those numbers. They take me to your mailbox, but the five digits are not recognized, so I can’t  leave you a message or talk to you personally. The numbers you leave are dead ends. There is no light at the end of these tunnels.
  3. If you offer to help me do me a favor and leave me a proven way, with explicit instructions I can use, to reach you. 
  4. Both social media and digital assistance departments have my phone number in the old thread I can no longer get to. Call me. You have my email address. Don’t email me. I can’t send an email or respond. Call me.
  5. Thank you both (reps in Social Media and Digital Assistance) for promising to help, however:
  6. I have been unable to send an email since 7.20.20. It is now 8.20.20-a full month later. I receive emails. I can’t send or respond to any emails. 
  7. I have changed (with your help) my inbound and outbound servers (smtp) many many times. I have changed the port according to your instructions, also, many many times.
  8. Every time I try to access my email settings via my account settings on a laptop or desktop I only get so far before I get a “bad request” notice, and I have to log in again.
  9. I have invested 12-15 hours on the phone With ATT Digital Assistance and Apple for my iPhone. No one can make my email work. Apple passes the ball back to ATT.
  10. No matter what device, operating system, or browser I use; no matter what network I am connected to, at home, or work, I am unable to send an email. All software is up to date.  I have deleted and reinstalled my email app. I have reset, logged into and out of my account. I have powered all devices and routers on and off. I have deleted my account and created it again. Nothing works. I have deleted old passwords, cleared my caches and histories and reinstalled new keys. Nothing works.
  11. Is everyone getting the idea I am fed up? Every ATT person I’ve spoken with is equally baffled. They’ve had my account re-synched with your servers many times.
  12. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Getting phone numbers to call that get me nowhere; having conversations made private; I can’t even access the full threads of my old public conversation. The only thing the community shows me is the first two sentences. Then, the sentences cut off and there is no way to access or reply to any message sent, or received.
  13. This is a mess
  14. Thank you. Call me.
  15. I’m beyond frustrated.


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