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Sun, Oct 5, 2014 4:14 AM

Can not download emails to Thunderbird and addressbook vanished

A few days ago Thunderbird 24.6 stopped downloading emails from my address, to my PC using Windows 8.  All emails in my inbox vanished.  When I try to "check mail" to download emails I get this message "The DELE command did not succeed. Error marking a message as deleted. Mail server responded: inactivity timeout".

I can access my emails on the yahoo/att webmail site.

My internet provider is Optimum.  I can download messages from their email.

My personal Addressbook has also vanished from Thunderbird.

Please help.



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6 years ago


Hello lulooloo,


I'd try removing an email account from Thunderbird and re-add it again, you can find all the latest settings for it here. Also, when you say your personal address book, do you mean it's your local address book, not synced with




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6 years ago

Hi Dmitriy,


Thank you for your reply. After getting no responses for a few days I decided to open an ATT email inbox on another computer and downloaded all my emails to the second computer, so that I would at least have them in another safe place. When setting up that account on the second computer, I noticed that the ATT account settings were different to my troubled ATT inbox. So I moved all the remaining ATT folders to my Local Folders, on Thunderbird, and then reset the account settings from server name to the new "". I had never been notified that I should change this setting, although I am paying monthly for my ATT email account. The next day when I clicked on Get Messages, all my emails downloaded to the empty Inbox. And since then the emails are downloading regularly.


But I still have not retrieved my Personal Addressbook, all the addresss that I have entered. This is what Thunderbird calls my addressbook. The other addressbook is called Collected Addressbook. This is still there. Can you please help me find it and tell me how to restore it.


By the way the original problem was started by Thunderbird suddenly downloading all my earliest emails for the second time. Although they were all still in my Inbox on my computer. So I now had doubles. As it seemed to be continuing this I felt the only way to stop this double download was to turn off Thunderbird. The next time I turned on, my Inbox on my computer was empty and my Addressbook had dissapeared.



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3 years ago

The solution form me was to log into the webmail application

1. Sort my inbox to show oldest emails first

2. Delete oldest emails ( I had over 10k emails but it only shows 9999+) I turned off the delete emails 10 months ago when my computer crashed.  Just now getting crashed machine back online.

3. When I got my inbox down to just over 1000 emails Thunderbird started working again without any further actions from me.



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2 years ago

had the same problem, unable to download any email since 8-20-18 and im not a happy camper anymore, spent hours on this and a ton of messages, no answers...     get  The DELE command did not succeed. Error marking a message as deleted. Mail server responded: Too many requests.


how do I stop this,,  this is a 10 year old account, if I lose it all it will ruin my many charitable works.



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2 years ago

@cherielynnae responded: Too many requests.


how do I stop this,,

Well if you are an att user maybe using the proper POP server might work for a start!  Also check the SMTP server as well.

Consider using a secure mail key in place of the account password.  Read this (which includes a link to how to create a secure mail key).


If you have a legacy account (e.g.,,, etc., i.e., any att account other than ending with you are still an att user so again you should still be using the att/yahoo servers but I also suggest changing your password and using the secure mail key.


Finally if you are only a "pure" yahoo user using their servers then why are you posting here and not in the yahoo help communities?

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