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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 9:50 PM

Can no longer access web mail with iPad iOS12

I have been using Safari and to access my email on both my Mac and iPad.


 AT&T mail stopped working with iPad browser Safari. I just downloaded Chrome in case it was an issue with Safari, no luck.


I can enter my username and password but then there is a blank page.


Have made NO changes to settings - seems to be an issue with iOS accessing the web page/site.


Still works fine with my Mac using a browser.





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19 days ago

First, I download email to my PC with Outlook and that works fine.  Also I download on my iPad and iPhine and that works fine.  So, I can see my email.


Now, the problem is that I need to access webmail to check my spam folder.  I do that through Currently.  It used to work on all of my devices.  Now It works on my PC.  As of today, it works on my iPhone (it didn’t a couple of days ago).  But, I cannot log into Currently on my iPad.


I don’t want to reset my password so I will just live with this.  Maybe it will fix itself.


Thanks for your assistance.





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