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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 3:56 AM via yahoo stopped and all attempts to access it failing

Feb 2019: I access my [bell] email via Suddenly I was booted out and all attempts to access via reset with temp password are not recognized both on yahoo and


1)  I cleared cache, removed cookies, restarted, rebooted. Still not recognized in the yahoo app.; 

2)  Using the [ ], new password requested, but not accepted by yahoo. It's as if I got dropped off yahoo.


Trying to find the right path to get this corrected:

When entering a "USERID" on [At t. net ]to access the email account, it's not clear if I am to use the original username from an A T T  account  ("  &"  or, the email  "...&" as the user name.  At this point I think I'm locked out and seem to have no way to contact att or whoever to get it straightened out.  It was my impression that A T T gave the bell to yahoo to manage.  But I read this from an att internet page:  


"....  Please note that there are no changes planned for your AT&T email account. Your access to your AT&T email (,,, etc.) does not change as it is part of the AT&T family and not owned by Yahoo. You can still access your AT&T email from

WHO CAN RESET THIS BELL SOUTH ACCOUNT,  att or or yahoo???  Any reset instructions from att don't seem to work.  I no longer have an att phone or internet service


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a year ago

Hello @worldmobile, let’s address your issue!

I’ll be inviting you to a private message (PM) to further investigate.

Please look in your inbox for a message from me.


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Yahoo mail does not recognize my email. I have had this email address for almost 20 years. Ever since yahoo took over email, I've had nothing but trouble. Can i just close that account and create a new one. I know i'm using the correct login. I have a password keeper that i use.