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Wed, Jul 10, 2019 10:03 PM email account and Yahoo

I am no longer an AT&T customer; however, I have been able to access my account through Yahoo.  I can no longer access the account without going through AT&T and agreeing to terms, conditions and fees.  


Have things changed? Will I no longer be able to access this account, and why was I not notified?


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a year ago

Since is an att email account you are expected to log in through att's home/portal page,, not yahoo's.  Not sure what terms page you are seeing unless it's the one from OATH (not att) that asks you to agree or do later.


Have things changed? Will I no longer be able to access this account, and why was I not notified?

Yes things changed, or are changing.  Att is trying to umerge its accounts from yahoo (and both att and yahoo are doing a pretty bad job of it IMO).  But you should be able to access the account.   It might however require you to change your password (see announcement in upper right of this page).  But no guarantees even that will let you in.  Note, there are lots of threads in these forums with similar problems.


You weren't notified because att never personally notifies users of email changes.  You are just supposed to magically know stuff has changed!Man Frustrated  Or to get more real stumble upon a thread in these forums that just happen to have the same problem and maybe a link to an appropriate att article.

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My company's email is a domain. Having the same problem with yahoo account. In fact, I have notified all users of our computer to NEVER sign out of our email, because we will not be able login again. I signed out from my iphone and now it redirects to AT&T/Curently and won't accept ID therefore can't change password either. Same thing trying google or outlook. Clicked on forgot user ID. The User Id that AT&T sent to my email is not our company email ID. It's picking up a very old email that is no longer active. It also says "Looks like you have more than one user ID" I am clueless as what to do at this point.

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