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Sun, Apr 22, 2018 8:04 PM


Using my home page email icon with either Firefox or IE 11 it brings up a YAHOO email log in NOT an AT&T Yahoo. I am not getting the AT&T services login that has work up until 2 weeks ago. I have to use a book mark to access AT&T email. Has something changed with AT&T Uverse internet that I am not aware of or is there a way to get my correct email log in portal back. I do not have a YAHOO email account and do not have anything in my AT&T profile showing anything other than a AT&T account.


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3 y ago

Hello @Troubled010,

I understand the urgency of getting access to your email.  We do have some great resources to help you out with this!

Yahoo and AT&T email accounts are linked together.  You can review recent changes to Yahoo access for AT&T customers and see if this is part of your concern.  You can transfer your Yahoo site data to a Yahoo ID.  This will discuss about the merged accounts.  Please also review this public forum for a way to unmerge your Yahoo account.

You can check out our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool.  Here, you choose Internet tab > Email Setup and Repair.  Here, you can follow a troubleshooting flow to determine the best resolution for your email!  You can also troubleshoot accessing email.  If you are getting any Email errors, please visit here.

If this does not resolve your concern or there appears to be something else causing this, please feel free to contact us back!

Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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6 m ago

I have email 

There is an circle icon with my initials that appears when i send an email, or with the senders email when I receive one. 

I would like to change the appearance of the background and initials - I notice many different styles - 

if i "inspect the element" i find code like this 


I would like to change /00bf.c20e/ permanently 

How do i do that?

Can not seem to find a control panel that lets me make selections 


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