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Wed, Sep 4, 2019 7:56 PM

AT&T / SBCGlobal.net login issues via Yahoo Mail

I have an issue...actually we in the office have this issue:  Lately whenever we log into our emails via Yahoo mail (http://mail.yahoo.com for starters), it will take us to the AT&T login.  Which is kind of fine (redundant/annoying) but when we re-enter our info, the AT&T part wants us to set a new password.  We all set new passwords but when we log in again, the issue starts over.  It's very annoying to do that.  Is it something misconfigured on our accounts or on the server or...

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2 y ago

This won't address your repeated being asked for password problem but FYI sbcglobal.net is an att (legacy) domain, not a yahoo domain.  As such you should be logging in through att's own home/portal page, start.att.net.  This is probably why yahoo is redirecting you.  Att and yahoo have unmerged (or still trying to unmerge) the att legacy accounts from yahoo and others are having similar problems as yours.  Login problems are what specifically prompted the announcement near the top right of this page.  If it doesn't work that all I can suggest is to call the Digital Assistance Center (877-273-2728) or maybe even tech support (800-288-2020).


Note, if you want to stick to using mail.yahoo.com then use the link start.att.net uses when you click its mail icon, i.e., https://mail.yahoo.com/?.partner=sbc.

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