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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 9:50 AM

Internet Air only for DSL customers?

Hey, folks. I have the older fixed wireless with the outdoor dish antenna. It has been horrible to use much of the time due a lag in website rendering and cutback in download speed. I can only get about 10 Mbps, while the new Internet Air is advertising at 30 minimum. AT&T also has us restricted to 350 GB of data per billing cycle while Internet Air is unlimited.

In any case, I have been trying to migrate to Internet Air but run into road blocks from customer service. Some say I can get it, while others say it is only for those with older DSL service.

So, here I am in limbo waiting for it to be released to other AT&T customers. One representative says that will happen in June. The way AT&T works, I doubt that guy knows for sure.

If anyone knows anything different, please let me in on it. 

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3 months ago

I work on the other side of the house for business not consumer.  I saw nothing released yet but threw it in my group chat with a AT&T guru.  I work for a Master Agency on the alternate channel program & no press releases yet.  I found out through an article on ; insane when I am in the industry.   AT&T fiber lit my new neighborhood, but can't connect back to their core as there is a historic district/other neighborhood is blocking AT&T.  Therefore we were stuck with 50M slower AT&T or Spectrum.  So I went around both and using Verizon 5G on my hubbys cell phone plan $25 MRC!  However, never stop looking for faster or better & since I've got an AT&T wireless cell through ... Here I am.

Hmmm @AT&T_Tech Do you know where is our service availability URL?    To be continued...

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