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Sunday, September 10th, 2023 9:54 PM

ATT Air won't work

I'm trying to set up the AT&T Air device I recently received. I've successfully logged on to the new SSID with both my phone and desktop, and can access the IP for advanced configuration. But I can't access the internet and my phone lists the connection as "connected without internet".

I suspect the "Smart Home Manager" app is the problem; it won't let me finish the setup because I guess it doesn't like the results of the signal quality check. I don't understand why because even the lowest results are MUCH higher/faster than what I was getting through ATT Internet 18. 

My only options are to "try another location" (why? there's not going to be a superior location--I don't HAVE a south-facing Window, just like I told the guy I talked to last week to get signed up for ATT Air) or "call us". I've called them--they're closed on Sunday apparently (why?). 

IDK why this is happening but so far my experience with ATT Air is 0/10. 

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9 months ago

Hi @BG_Account_1177,


We understand that you got stuck during Internet Air setup, we’re here to help you!


To speak with our AT&T internet air customer service team please contact us at 800.288.2020. They are available 10am-7pm Central, 7 days a week.


Hope this helps!


David, AT&T Community Forum Specialist


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9 months ago

If they are open 7 days a week, 10am to 7PM, then why did the phone recording claim they were closed when I called yesterday at 4PM? And would not put me through to a real person? 

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9 months ago

I got through to customer service on the phone and they said the closest cellphone tower is full. They said they could not move me to the next closest tower because I am so close to the closest one (0.01miles) that the signal of it is too strong and would interfere with the further tower's signal too much.

I asked them why ATT couldn't move some of the people that aren't limited to the 0.01m tower off of it to another one with capacity and they said ATT can't do that. So apparently ATT lacks even the most basic resource management capabilities for this new service. They said there is nothing to be done and the service has to be cancelled and I have to take the new router to one of their stores. 

I asked them why I am going to be charged $75 a month for DSL ATT Internet 18 (16mbps dl speeds, 6mbps ul speeds) while the people lucky enough to get onto the ATT Air service get to pay $55 a month for much faster internet. They had no answer.

I asked them why I was invited to join ATT Air, screened for the qualification, and sent the router when ATT had no methods in place for managing capacity and making sure sufficient capacity could be available. They had no answer. 

It was a 42 minute hold time, btw, for me to reach someone to tell me the ATT Air program wouldn't work and I have to send back the router. This is ridiculous. There is nothing about this that is acceptable. I will definitely be looking alternatives that aren't ATT. 

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9 months ago

If ATT AIR (FWA or Fixed Wireless Access) will not be acceptable at your locations, other FWA services are available from T-Mobile and Verizon.

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9 months ago

Well that advice (just leave AT&T) certainly tracks with the theory people have been floating: that ATT is trying to get rid of their remaining DSL customers that aren't going to be offered fiber.

Gotten rid of either by getting them onto ATT Air or running them off with mistreatment and bad service.

It would explain why they raised the monthly cost over and over again on Internet 18 until it's $75 a month, despite the speeds becoming less and less competitive as the nation's average speeds have gone up overall. 

The more expensive they make it the less likely people are to stick with it instead of giving up and seeking service elsewhere. 

I suppose it's possible *no one* is getting ATT Air and it's all a trick to further frustrate customers and drive them away to other ISPs. 

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9 months ago

My Internet Air was installed 2 months ago. I live in a VERY rural area in a small valley surrounded by mountains with only 300 homes and most of them don't have Internet.  The first month I had get speed, sometimes over 200mB and very few disconnects, then everything went bad. Frequent disconnects with Error Code E013 which means no DNS. This is obviously an issue with the AT&T equipment, but they sent out a replacement Hub thinking that may solve the problem. It does exactly the same thing. 

I set up an Internet Connection Log on a computer hooked to the AT&T Ethernet jack.  The unit connection time (up time) is <30% with it going offline anywhere from every 5 minutes to every hour.  Most of the time, it reconnects on it's own, but sometimes I need to do a hard Reset for it to work again.

The only saving grace for me is that I also have Starlink, which never goes down and handles my 4K streams with no problem.  I got the AT&T Internet Air as a replacement for my AT&T Fixed Wireless (safety backup in case Starlink should ever fail), which always worked great. But AT&T said the Internet Air would be better.

The fact they made a big deal to change from their Fixed Wireless to Internet Air seemed great, and it was great for the first 4 weeks! I've decided to wait for a few weeks and see if it begins working like it originally did . . . that is, can the AT&T technical group get their act together???  

I've included an image that shows the Internet Air Hub in the window aiming at the water tank on the adjacent hill about 700' away. On that Water Tank are a number of AT&T antennas around the circumference of the tank. Also note the time on the HUB is 8:07 - My time here in California is 1:07 in the afternoon.  You think they may have a problem?

Lastly, calling in to talk with anyone at AT&T is like running the gauntlet, but Internet Air is even worse.  Wait on hold for many minutes only to be disconnected by AT&T system. Called my local AT&T Wireless store to see if I could bring the Hub to them to cancel . . . of course not, I have to do it over the phone.


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3 months ago

Why did ATT set one of their (bogus) answers as an "accepted solution"?

I did not accept it as a solution because it WASN'T a solution. "Call us so we can tell you there is no solution 😃" is NOT a solution!

The problem was NEVER fixed and still hasn't been.

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1 month ago

Another problem I have with att air. AirPlay doesn’t work… can somebody please advise on this 

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