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Thursday, September 14th, 2023 5:52 PM

Unable to connect to my PS5

Hello, I recently got ATT internet Air, and I was able to connect to my phone, TV and everything else. No problems with anything. 

however when I try to connect to my PS5, it says the following :

”Can't connect to the internet.

Your internet service provider or your router might be preventing your PSS from connecting to the internet. Make sure you can connect to the internet via the same network as your PSS by testing the connection using your computer or mobile device.”

I’ve tried many steps. I know 100% the name and password are correct. Please help with this 

Accepted Solution

ACE - Expert


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9 months ago

Its the carrier grade NAT doing it

ACE - Sage


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8 months ago

Yup.  ATT strikes again.  

You can try contacting AT&T and see if the NAT type can be changed. But most likely it cannot



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8 months ago

MOre than likely your issue is a similar issue i had when trying to connect my alexa to att fixed wireless, it would not connect so i had to find out what IP address my alexa was assigned and then manually add it to my firewall to allow it to connect and send/receive data on the proper ports. Trying to call tech support was getting no where all they did was lie about it , one even told me i didnt have fast enough internet to use alexa app! hahaha att tech support is a Joke, BUT there are some people that actually do there job up there and there hard to get a hold of because there like less than 1% to the majority that just want to get of the phone with you so they tell you a line of (Edited per community guidelines) to end the conversation, some even hang up on you if you try and talk logic ot them sicne you have knowledge on how it all works so they hang up on you when they find out they cannot lie to you! SO yeah look at the back of your att air modem and it should have a web address to connect to with a password to log into the modem. (can do this on a cell phone also) then goto something along the lines of ," settings > firewall > firewall rules " there you click the "+" to add a device to allow devices to get through. Adding the device means adding the ip address that device is using and a range of ports to allow the IP address to use. Hope this helps buddy.


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