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Sunday, May 19th, 2024 5:19 PM

All-Fi Internet Air Hub Experience - fails to connect after almost 2 weeks of trying

I have posted on this subject board several times so I won't repeat all of my earlier experiences with this device. Needless to say, it still will not connect with the tower. The signal is not strong enough to our location and it is probably too congested also. I have had several (9 to this point but 2 hung up on me) different techs explain this to me, and also tell me that is what they have been required to say during training sessions. The last tech I spoke to was actually a Fixed Wireless (FW) supervisor, Mauricio, and he very kindly explained that my FW needed to be moved to another location. Of course, that has nothing to do with Internet Air (IA) but he wanted to set up a F2F tech (they are Directv people) to come help me with my FW. I agreed and Josh arrived yesterday. We quickly both acknowledged it was a fools errand for him since FW will no longer be supported by ATT. They have decided (without the government funds they enjoyed) to shut down the only real connection that works for rural America. True patriots, American Telephone and Telegraph! Josh also shared that he had never seen the All-Fi, I showed him ours, and that he and his supervisors had not even heard about it until a customer showed them the letter (we have two copies now so I offered one to him). He recommended that I contact T-Mobile (his internet provider in rural area similar to ours) or consider Mr. Musk's Starlink. I am not a fan but it looks like we could be forced into that situation by ATT. I need to add that we have been ATT (SWBell) customers for over 40 years. I understand that loyalty no longer exists in America but I did think that $$ was very important and our $550 a month check to ATT should mean something? And I will add we are also paying extra every month for this dying FW service, ever since they over-loaded the tower the antenna has to constantly try to connect/reconnect using extra data/bandwidth. What a disaster. I am guessing, after reading some other issues, that we will be better off without ATT service due to inability to connect devices like Ring cameras? Any ideas or comments are appreciated.

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1 month ago

You already been given the choices for rural settings today... T-Mobile which has more bandwidth/ towers going after rural service and satellite internet of which there are (3).

This makes sense as most traditional ISP have hardwired solutions, namely fiber from ATT, Verizon, CenturyLink (Lumen) and Frontier  ... all of which are expanding their respective fiber footprint each year by adding 400,000 to 3 million addresses. This takes financial resources while T-Mobile and satellite ISP such as StarLink do not have (2) fronts to invest in, only their wireless services thus will result in faster deployment to rural locations where they have less competition (no fiber or coax providers). 

T-Mobile has over 5 million FWA subscribers in 3+ years while Verizon has about 3.2 million in same time frame but 1/3 of Verizon customers are business. ATT is late to the game with about 6+ months in and 200,000 FWA with expected footprint to cover 15 million in a few years, if 20% of those choose ATT FWA service that would be 3 million subscribers while their fiber footprint would be 30+ million locations serviced at 40% take rate is 12 million fiber with combined total of 15 million while T-Mobile will likely cap out during this same time frame to 8+ million FWA subscribers without investing more heavily in rural settings. 

Just my thoughts...

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