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Tue, Jul 23, 2019 12:22 AM

@Yahoo.com login redirects ATT.net

When I sign into my Yahoo account (***@yahoo.com) using the Yahoo mail login website (as I have done successfully for the past 14 years), I now (for the past several months) am REDIRECTED to ATT.NET sign in.


When I use the ATT.NET sign in to login into my Yahoo account (***@yahoo.com), I get:


“Please make sure that your User ID and Password are both correct, and try again.”


When I type in my ATT email address (***@sbcglobal.net), I am able to log in to my ATT email address (***@sbcglobal.net), BUT NOT ACCESS TO THE YAHOO ADDRESS (***@yahoo.com).




I’ve called ATT technical service at least 5 times, and always get some variation of the same answer:

We are unable to access the Yahoo account, so we can’t help you.  Contact Yahoo.com to resolve this issue.  It’s a Yahoo.com matter.”


Then I contact Yahoo.com technical support multiple times and am essentially told:


“Upon checking, your Yahoo account was linked to an AT&T account; and due to contractual issues and the nature of your issue, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT AT&T FOR A RESOLUTION.”  “We are unable to pull up information on your account because it is linked to an ATT account.”  “ATT needs to unmerge the two accounts.”


Back and forth, I, like a ping pong ball… back and forth …. ATT tells me that Yahoo must fix the issue; and Yahoo tells me that ATT must fix the issue.


What can I do?





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Try to download the Yahoo app in your phone and login to the yahoo email from there. It may be a good workaround of the issue




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These days, with att and yahoo trying (and trying...and trying...and...) to separate the att accounts from yahoo, and with both the att and yahoo account handling being so "fragile" (IMO), having both a @yahoo.com and a att account (@sbcglobal.net) is just asking for trouble.  Yahoo has got a piece of it correct, i.e., redirecting you to att when trying to log in with the att account.  But yahoo should have allowed the @yahoo.com login from yahoo.com. 


Maybe changing your att account password (if you can) might clear up the att account data.  So try it if you can.  Won't do anything fore the yahoo side probably.


Another possibility is to  try to use an email client app (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, mobile email client apps, etc.) and configure both accounts using their respective servers.  I know nothing about the "yahoo app" but if it's a app that can access only your yahoo.com account that won't help with your att account.  A more general email client app will, if properly configured (well, maybe, we're still talking about att and yahoo here).  Most (all?) mobile devices usually come with a general email client app you can probably use.


The reason an app has a chance of working where the webmail doesn't is that clients communicate directly with the mail servers to perform their actions.  With the webmail you have to go through the att/yahoo login page to get in (assuming you aren't already logged in or it thinks you are not logged in).

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