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Thu, Sep 25, 2014 9:03 PM

Worst Customer Service EVER!

It all started last month, somewhere around the 4th-6th of August.  We were so excited to buy our first home, and even more excited to find out that UVerse was available.  We were renting, and had AT&T DSL/DIRECTV bundled while we waited for the UVerse service, but it never became an option.  I called AT&T to cancel the DSL service, and set up the installation date for the new Uverse service.  They were friendly enough, and even offered to go ahead and take care of cancelling our DIRECTV service while we were at it.


I was told that I would receive a phone call in the next couple of days to confirm my install date of August 15th, but at the beginning of the following week (and the week of our move/install) I hadn't heard anything, so made a call to AT&T.  The CSR told me that my install date had been moved to the following Friday on the 22nd due to some outside issues.  So not only did I not get a confirmation call about the date I set up, it had been moved, and STILL no one bothered to let me know.  I was told I would receive a phone call to follow up and confirm the new date, no call.  I called them, AGAIN, and the date had been pushed back, AGAIN.  September 16th!  They explained that the main box that all customers in the area are connected to was full, and the engineers were going to have to go out and install a new one; this was the "outside issue" they had referring to previously.  I made sure to let them know that I was tired of being strung along, and having my date moved without even letting me know.  They apologized and PROMISED to call and update me.  As usual, no call.  I called back, and got good news, the date for the outside issue had been moved up, along with my install date!  Another instance of no updating phone call, another instance of my calling in, and nope, it was back to the original date of the 16th, and that was now a "possible" completion date.


Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I called DIRECTV to find out what to do with the boxes since I cancelled the service.  They let me know that my service had never been cancelled!  I was still paying for service at a house that I wasn't even living in!!  I told them that AT&T cancelled DIRECTV the same time they cancelled DSL, and they let me know that AT&T doesn't even have the ability to cancel DIRECTV service!  I was straight up lied to!


Each time I called, I spend a minimum of 20 minutes on hold periodically throughout the phone call, it's usually closer to 30-45 minutes though.  They were always reviewing my account, speaking with a supervisor, calling the engineering team, blah blah blah.  I finally got a CSR that seemed to care.  She actually called me back with updates for about a week until the last call she made.....Service won't be available to you after all!!!!!  We are now in our new house for almost a month without TV or internet, and all the waiting was for not.  I was going to have to go back to the AT&T/DIRECTV bundle. 


I'm on the phone with the AT&T CSR, and she tells me that the only way she will be able to offer free installation will be to and a phone line to our service bundle.  WHAT?  I was getting all the latest equipment installed for free, way more options, with $250 in REBATES when I signed up for Uverse, then you can't provide me the promised service after a month of waiting, and now you want to charge me for installing just internet unless I pay you more per month for a service I don't want?!  No thanks, I declined their services all together and started looking into my local provider.


Unfortunately, if I couldn't have UVerse, I wanted to go back to DIRECTV, I've never had anything but great experiences with them.  To have DIRECTV, and use my local cable company for internet would have been really expensive though, so I was forced to go back to the AT&T bundled DSL.  I set the new service up through DIRECTV, and they were great, they made it so easy, set the install date for the satellite, and we were done.  Then I had to call AT&T to confirm the internet service since I still had the modem from the previous house.  Good news was, I could use the same AT&T modem/router since I hadn't sent it back yet, and I didn't have to pay for installation since I could do it myself.  Bad news was that I had to pay a $49 activation fee for the modem/router!  I have to pay to reactivate it?  I'm only having to do this because you couldn't provide the service you promised that made me deactivate it in the first place!!


Anyway, I wait for my activation date, and when I go to set up the modem, I realize I'm missing some cords and filters.  Assuming I lost them in the move, I call AT&T.  They said that the welcome package should be in the mail today, and the items I need are in the box.  I get home and check the box, cords are there, filters aren't.  I call back, and they let me know that I don't even need the filters since I don't have phone service.  Great, so I go ahead with the install process.  Everything is hooked up, but I have no service.  I call back.  I'm told that the service is only coming into one jack in the house, so I must be plugged in to the wrong one.  They said that I need to keep trying until I find the active jack, set up service, then I can call and set up a service call to move the jack if I don't like the location.  I try them all, none of them work, so I call back.  This time the person tells me that service doesn't just come to one jack, and there must be a tech issue that requires someone to come out to my house.  They came out, and I FINALLY have internet service over a month later!!!


The customer service is terrible, bad attitudes, lack of knowledge, poor communication, empty promises, and sometimes out right lies.  I've never been put on hold for so long, hung up on so many times, or been lied to as much as when I have to call AT&T.  I will switch servers as soon as I can (when it makes more financial sense) and I will NOT recommend them to anyone, I would never wish this one anyone.


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Hello, mboyt0!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experiences. If there's anything we can do to remedy the situation, please let us know by clicking here to send us a private message with your contact information, the best time to reach you, and a brief summary of the issues.


You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen. In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns. Once again, I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience.



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