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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 11:12 AM

Will I be charged for days without internet?

On Tuesday, 11/26, my internet quit working.  I called customer service and was told that the gateway was malfunctioning and I would receive a new one the following day.  Nothing arrived Wednesday, Thursday was Thanksgiving, nothing on Friday.  Called customer service on Friday, 11/29, and was told the order did not go through.  I was PROMISED a new gateway would arrive the following day, Saturday.  Nothing arrived Saturday and I got a tracking number saying a package was shipped Saturday and would be delivered Monday, 12/2.  This one actually came but would not set up.  I logged into the SmartHomeManager app which ran some tests and then connected me with a technician.  She was very empathetic, found an issue with the order (“still in executing state”) and she PROMISED with “200% confidence” that an action on her end would resolve the issue by 11:59pm that night.  She gave me a ticket number and stated she would “escalate the issue to the concern team”.  This morning I wake and there is still no internet.  Called customer service again...seven days after service went out...and he does not acknowledge that I have a ticket number (so much for “escalation”?), runs some tests, advises me that I need a technician to come out.  He can give me an appointment for tomorrow, Wednesday, and I am warned that I will not be charged for the visit unless I ask them to fix something unrelated.  (I understand fair forewarning, but this rubbed me the wrong way - JUST FIX MY INTERNET.)  I insisted the technician needs to come today...he puts me on hold, comes back and says the earliest is tomorrow as he does not want to give me an appointment and not have a tech arrive.  I ask with whom can I speak to express my frustration with the whole situation instead of harping at him, he states the calls are recorded and he will send it to a supervisor.  I was then basically ushered off the phone.  I now have an appointment for tomorrow and no internet.  No internet for over a week and the resulting impacts - decreased productivity for my small business and mobile data charges.  


My primary question - I want to know if I will be charged for the days without internet this month.  (I was told by a tech that I would NOT...but my confidence is EXTREMELY low with everyone at ATT given this experience...and my previous DirecTV experience.)


And since there is no other option for expressing frustration with the experience - more than half of my frustration is from having received multiple PROMISES that something would happen and they did not.  Customer service must be able to do the job, e.g. make sure an order is placed, AND manage expectations.  If there is a chance it won’t be SHIPPED until tomorrow, don’t PROMISE delivery tomorrow.  If a situation is ESCALATED why is there not a way to get a technician out to fix a long -standing issue within a day?  Frankly, if I had a viable alternative, this experience would make me cancel service.  


As I have told a couple of the reps, I do not envy their job.  There should be a supervisor or a true “escalation” of concerns so customers feel they have been heard and not placated.  Perhaps that would also protect front line customer service reps from being abused by callers?  Instead I’m on an impersonal internet forum.  ATT appears to have gotten too big to care about the individual customer experience any more.  

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4 years ago

Call 800.288.2020, say Billing, and request a credit for your out of service days.

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