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Wed, Jul 6, 2016 5:52 AM

Upgrading Legacy DSL Service

When AT&T was offering their old DSL plans (the four plans, starting at 768 Kbps and going up to 6Mbps), we got the 768 Kbps plan. Now, however, we have a need for increased speeds, and have been thoroughly unable to find anywhere where we are able to upgrade the plan. I was wondering how to increase the speed from the 768 Kbps plan to a higher tier plan that was offered.  


Thank you if you're able to help, as there is no information on the website (everything redirects to U-Verse which is not offered in my area and isn't likely to come for a long time) nor in MyAtt and calling customer service has not gotten any answers.



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(For some context, I live in rural North Carolina)


I understand the goal is to transition to UVerse, but given AT&T is the only internet provider, and they have no plans of bringing UVerse remotely close to my current residence, why changing my service plan from Lite to a higher speed package would be an issue?


I looked into Fixed WLL, but have found nothing outside of a few select groups of test locations, even though Fixed WLL sounds really nice, it doesn't seem like a solution that will be seen within the next several years.  


Again to clarify, when I say 'upgrade' I really only mean changing from the Lite plan to a higher tier plan (the Ultra, XTreme, or XTreme 6.0) which was already offered and the infrastructure already here.


Thank you for your reply, and any further help that comes!



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Hello @FootOfJobe,

We are sorry for your inconvenience. We will be glad to help. Have you tried regular customer service clicking here. Be sure to include your



Account number

Phone number

Best time to reach you

We will get back to you as soon as possible via email. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!






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It is a common misunderstanding of the term, upgrading...

An increase in connection speed assuming you are close enought to the neighborhoot controller to support the connection, is more a matter of making a change in the central office data base..

Changing a line of code. Now, 6 mbps is the fastest you can get with att legacy dsl period. The protocol actually supports connections up to 20 megs, but att's dsl does not support it.

I have heard some mistakenly think that there is a differance in a port with 1mb service, vs. 6 mb service, but the truth is, a port is a port. 

The speed of a particular port is more a matter of the set up entry in their central office data base.

if you do a service availability search on your home address, the fastest connection speed available to you should be listed in the search results.

Now, the faster speed is a higher tier, and they charge slightly more for the faster access speed. THAT is an issue of billing, as in account setting, verses a technical limitation.

If they were able to offer you 6 mbps speeds when you first got the service, the same speeds should be available now.

(Weather the sales weasals can actually process the order is another issue.)

Seriously, good luck, and hope you can get your speed increase.


I have been reading @ATTDSLCare's posts and I'm impressed with them. click on his name and send him a private message.. I think he might actually be able to get you going in the right direction. And, a private message to the care team can't hurt, either.




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Have yolu asked your Neighbor's what speeds they have ?

and how did they get them ?  



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I am in the same boat, I have 6 meg dsl and if something happens and I have to go to Uverse they only offer me 700k.

this makes no sense. I live about 20 miles from Silicon valley and cant get get anything better than I have had for a decade.

I think its time for a lawsuite, they are affecting mine and many others in my area's house prices, not to mention my personal income.

I work remotely from home.. The 6 meg is barely enough to do my job, If they reduce my speed they will cost me my job.

they need to offer something.



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