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Mon, Feb 17, 2020 1:14 AM


I am writing to complain about AT&T’s Internet service. It was sold to us under contract and it is so inferior, that it is almost nonexistent. Dial up service, in its day, was more reliable and dependable than this service that AT&T charges for monthly. We have complained to AT&T, and not only would they not do anything to correct our problems, they took an arrogant and self-serving attitude when we even dared to ask.

We are on a wireless connection and the facts are:

1. We are kicked off of the Internet over and over, 24/7/365 when we try to use it on our laptops, iPhones, iPad, Kindles and television. Even only using one device at a time, we are still constantly kicked off. We have an PC laptop, a Macbook Pro, two iPhones, one iPad, two Kindles and one flat screen Samsung television. It was never disclosed to us that we could never use more than one device at a time. Who lives that way in 2020?

2. Loading speeds are extremely slow. It is seldom that a complete webpage will load. We have webpages without the photos, because they will not load. And when it tries to load, we get an error message that the page has timed out and we need to try at another time.

3. We were told that our speed is 50mbs. When we tested it via Internet methods available to us, it was sometimes as low as 1!!! When we explained this to AT&T, they said our actual speed would vary and that it was within acceptable limits. We even purchased an Internet signal extender/enhancer on Amazon, but it has failed to make any difference. They actually refused to do anything to try and help us.

4. We have a high quality hp color printer, scanner and fax all-in-one machine. It is constantly malfunctioning because it cannot get a reliable Internet signal. The modem box is less than ten feet from the printer. (Also, the television and other devices are no more than five to ten feet from the modem.)

5. We are not able to stream anything. Everything… and I mean everything… goes into a buffer mode with the little spinning circle. The sound does not match up with the picture because the picture is lagging behind the audio.

When we complained about these issues, we were told that we had not called in enough times to complain. Are you kidding me? Our service is dependent on how often we call to complain? That is a sad statement of customer service, isn’t it? We are paying for a monthly service that we are not getting. Why can AT&T get away with this? Other companies have to supply a service to get paid. AT&T cannot provide adequate service and still get paid. That is not right.

What do I want? I want to get a guaranteed 50mbs, not the minimum allowed under their inadequate policy. If we do not get this specified amount, I want to be credited on my account for what we are NOT getting. OR… Allow us to cancel our contract without penalty and move on to another provider, in hopes of being able to enjoy reliable Internet service in this, the 21st Century!


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a month ago

Hiya. Just saw your post and wanted to redirect you to our thread here:

Does your experience match ours? This has been an ongoing thing for us since December.


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