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Tue, Mar 27, 2018 3:18 PM

Unable to transfer home internet billing responsibility.

I've spent hours on the phone with AT&T support and still have no resolution.  I've filled a formal complaint with the FCC but still have no resolution to what should be a simple customer request:


I moved out of a home and need to transfer billing responsibility for my home internet to my former roommate who still lives at the home.


I've followed the procedures that at&t has provided: log into the account online and go to


When I click the Transfer Billing responsibility, I get an error message that says: 

TBR0050: No Wireless Account found.


No one at ATT has been able to resolve this.  I haven't lived at the property for three months and my name is still on the bill.





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4 y ago

I was finally able to get some escalated assistance from AT&T on this.   I was only able to do so after filling an official complaint with the FCC.  I highly recommend this course of action if you feel you're not getting anywhere with AT&T level one support.  I received a call from the Office of the President at AT&T within 24hrs of filing the complaint.  This was my only way to get this resolved.  You can google  "FCC complaint" or use this link:    to get your issues resolved.






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2 y ago

For anyone who is still struggling with this, I was told this from a chat with ATT.: "I was able to find out the reason why. There is need for us to de-unify your bill in order for us to transfer your billing responsibility." 

When you contact ATT, let them know you need to separate your internet and TV services (deunify your bill) so you can transfer responsibility. This will take 1 billing cycle before the bill will be deunified. once that's done, you can call or  go back to and try again. 


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