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Friday, September 13th, 2019 3:41 AM

Sudden Data Overage!

We have had our home WiFi for 3 years now, and have suddenly gone well over the data limit for the past two months. Last month we maxed out the additional allowances, and are headed for the same this month with 4 days left. I am at a total loss, as we have far fewer devices connected than ever before!

Until last month we had the following connected to the home WiFi: A 4K smart TV with attached Fire Stick and PS4 streaming PS VUE, another non-smart TV with a Fire TV, home VPN for full-time work from home, occasional iPad/Kindle, and two smart phones. He also used to play games on the PS4 with friends up to 10 hours a week, including downloads and updates. We never went over the data limit.

Recently, we received an unlimited data plan for our phones, so they were removed over a month ago, and have not been connected to the WiFi since. Since the first overage, I identified the connected devices (our WiFi is not being used by any outside source that I can see, and we still have the complicated AT&T password) and completely removed the Fire Stick from the smart TV, have not connected iPad/Kindle one time, and completely disconnect the Fire TV when not in use. VPN usage has not changed in over a year. That means that, at most, there are two devices connected at a time where there used to be upwards of 5 or more at a time. 


Can someone please explain how we are all of a sudden burning through data with LESS usage???

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4 years ago

Hello @ED0213,

We're here to help with your Wi-Fi data usage!

Data usage can quickly add up if you're downloading or streaming constantly.
In order to better help and determine what Wi-Fi and internet plan you need, please use our Data Calculator found on our main AT&T page.
We also have our usage tips and you can login to myAT&T to check your current usage every day.

One major thing that may be affecting and using your data is where the VPN is being connected to, and how big the downloads are, as there is monthly data allowance.
Big games and 4K shows and movies can quickly add up to data when being downloaded and if you're connected to a VPN, that will add up to even more.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions!

Mihai AT&T Community Specialist

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