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Saturday, September 1st, 2018 12:19 AM

Sales person messed everything up. Anything I can do for compensation?

Hello!  Probably nothing I can do but doesn't hurt to ask.


I recently moved to a new apartment and had to get AT&T internet, I used to have Spectrum, 100mbps.  When I talked to the sales woman (name was Gifty apparently) she sounded oh so eager to help me get set up since my parents were also longtime AT&T customers and have everything with them.


Well!  She botched everything.  First, she botched my installation time, myself only finding out the day I was to get the internet installed.   Did not receive a notice, or anything, so had to take time off work again for the next week. 


Second, she and her supervisor who I talked to, promised a $100 rewards card to waive the installation fee due to my family's loyalty, that didn't get noted and I had to argue on the phone with 5 different people, getting disconnected twice in order to finally get it, and it only arrived AFTER I had to pay my first month's bill.  So kind.  


Third, she included a tablet and told me I'd only have to pay the 10 dollar installation fee each month on my bill until it was paid off.  Talked like it was some kind of gift, I didn't really want the thing but thought what the heck, my dad might like it.  Well she botched that too, they sent me the tablet, but instead of putting it on my internet account, they went and created its own separate account.  Just found that out a couple of weeks ago, so have about 3 months of bills to catch up on there AND will need to get that number disabled since they are charging me 10 for the installation and 10 for 1gigabyte of service i'll never use since the thing never leaves my house, nor do I used it to make phone calls.  Luckily the guys at my local AT&T store said they can help with that no problem and unsurprisingly, they say that happens a lot with customers.  


And last but not least, I don't know if she flat out lied or had bad information, but she told me they could match my old Spectrum speeds at my new apartment (100mbps) no problem.  Well the tech comes in and breaks the news to me, she had no idea what she was talking about, that I could only get up to 18mbps where I live, and i'm paying the same price for my Spectrum internet.  The only upside is i'm only 2 streets away from the main hub for my area so the speed stays consistent.  He then proceeds to tell me that this happens ALL THE TIME and the sales people don't seem to have a clue what they are doing or promising.  


I WISH I could go back to Spectrum, but the only other company that offers internet is a local mom and pop joint that only offer the same speeds i'm getting now for 20 dollars more and a 250GB data cap per month.  I just wonder how someone can screw something up so badly and not be held responsible?  If I pulled this kind of stunt at my job I'd be fired on the spot.

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6 years ago

Hello @abletocare
To fully assist with this issue further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from ATTCares and reply to my message with your specific account details.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist



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5 years ago

I was told they didn’t have a phone I was looking for no needed one since I had

 a very important phone consultation with a specialist for a rare form of cancer I have and at 35 at that so I was to,d my number was ported Andy I could go Andy they took my old phone which was iPhone Andy I got some crappy phone but figured I would just deal with new phone later but lone behold I was halfwaysbback to my town when I got message saying port wasn’t finalized Andy going on day 4 for a pre paid phone Andy still not working won’t give me money back I even said just give me new number since I needed phone next day and nothing and today I had some lady say she was going to give me thebLG 8G ThinQ .org whatever on them but I’m not as simple as they’d are ignorant and called her out that Sheba was trying to just give me the free phone with a online promotion so she’s ram my credit which iive had cancer since day afternoon Christmas well when I found out so credit is garbage so when she’s seem the deposit I had to Piut down She transferd me to different department and sent me email telling me here’s the quote I asked for Andy I have proof that she’s full of crap Andy also she’s had put in internet plan for whatever reason so now I’m sovpissed im shaky never in my life have I Dealt with such garbage for human beings and I spent all day today on the phones with them getting dicked around and never took my son to do what I promised him and one of the phones I inquired about was 50% less almost everywhere else I will be filling with the FTC that lady is just a witch for trying to be cleverly Andy offer me a free phone which was one of the online promos and I did look into that but shebgave me her word so i want it so I can whip it at the clown who screwed it up in first place absolutely sickening and if i didn’t mention it still no working anything on day 4;for a fricking prepaid phone can’t believe the cowardness and that call they made me miss isn’t sorry for the inconvenience level that literally ****** withbky lively hold and I hand waiimf waited weeks;months for that so that’s how much they give a you known what I thought nothing would be worse then the sprint scum I found myself corrected after the last few days 


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