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Saturday, March 25th, 2023 4:41 AM

Rewards card never sent and At&T said it was stolen

Recently switched over to At&T from Cox cable, due to a rewards incentive program, so I decided why not give them a shot and get a couple of bucks. The At&t service representative said that I would receive a $200 rewards card for switching to their service, so I went forward with the new service. A day later I get an email about the rewards card, buy it was for $150. Ok, not the amount promised, but it's still $150. A month after I check for the rewards card on my email and find the link to claim the money, yes! I click the link to access the card information, and it says that the card had already been activated and there was no money on the card. I called the At&t rewards center, and they told me that they are sorry that my card was stolen and to call the cops. I have a camera system and it records everyone who approaches my front door. No one stole any mail, packages, or anything else. I ask the representative what information someone needed if they in fact took the card out of my mailbox, which they didn't, and she said that they needed the account zip code. I told her that if they mailed it then the zip code is on the letter. What kind of protection is that if someone got ahold of it? She had no answer, and told me that I should file a police report. I asked her for proof that the card was mailed and actually made it to my address and she said that their bank does the mailing so she didn't have any information, nor could she give me the information of the bank which distributed the cards. She then stated that the website says that at&t are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. I asked to speak to her supervisor, who told me the same thing and was unable to give me proof that the card was sent to my address. The supervisor then transfered me to her boss, who conveniently had "phone issues" and the call mysteriously disconnected. I researched the internet and found out that this has happened to many people, and there was a (Edited per community guidelines) (Edited per community guidelines) for similar issues, yet at&t has still not changed it's card distribution policy to protect the rewards cards beneficiaries. At&t needs to investigate who is taking these cards from either their location or via the distribution center. So now I lost the $150 promised, which isn't going to break my bank, but I definitely won't be doing business with them anymore. So anyone who is promised a cash rewards card, I wouldn't count on it. Do a quick Google search.

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