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Thu, Jun 14, 2018 3:29 AM

Reward card disqualified without explaination


I was promised a $300 reward card for re-signing with DirecTV a few months ago. I received the letter in early May and did the activation immediately. After wondering why I never received the card, I followed up with customer service today and was told my reward was disqualified without explanation on 5/30. Why? Absolutely nothing has changed with my account. I'm still subscribing to internet/phone/DirecTV. Is there anyone that might be able to help me with this?




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2 years ago

Same thing happened to us. Re signed up in early May Received our claim paper in the mail towards the end of May. Went online, claimed reward, saw no movement. Logged in today to check status, says disqualified yesterday. I reached out to customer service via chat and the rep I got asked me how we had originally signed up for the offer (received offer in mail, called in to accept it) and then told me she was sorry that it was disqualified but that she had re-qualified it now and my estimated mailing was early July for our reward card. I suspect it still won't show up. In my search for answers, I found that AT&T is notorious for this.