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Friday, September 22nd, 2023 2:02 AM

Response Time on online chat for Internet assistance

Who else has had their valuable time wasted by the 'ONLINE CHAT REPS'?   What purpose is having an online chat service if you get SLOW, non-responsive replies from the rep to only just stall you from receiving any answers for the reason you logged in for.

I WILL be shopping ASTOUND and TMOBILE tomorrow.   IF I end up moving my service with them, you can guarantee  I'll call your 1-800 number to your so-called loyalty team to CANCEL my service.

You should had gotten your loyalty team to help me from the beginning and on the chat, rather than ignoring my requests to find a lower rate.   

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3 months ago

It is recommended that customers call the toll free number and say “Loyalty” or “Retentions” to speak to someone about available discounts.

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3 months ago

Hello @Soon_2_be_FORMER_USER,


We appreciate your time, and understand the importance of it. We are happy to guide you. 


We recommend, that you try contacting our AT&T team. You can reach them at 800.288.2020 / 877.714.1509.

They are available Monday to Friday 07:00am-09:00pm CT and Saturday-Sunday 08:00-09:00pm CT.


For further assistance, we are always here to help!


Nate, AT&T Community Forum Specialist.


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