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Thursday, March 29th, 2018 12:53 AM

Rep say this month I’m over my with suspended account

So along with every other issue I’ve had with AT&T’s past 20 some days I’m told by a billing rep to make arrangements for payment due to a suspension caused by a representative error  hence I’m being penalized and having to pay but My account has a suspended for 20 days don’t know if she just forgot or whatever but she told me this month alone you’re already over your data... ummmm impossible...  I asked Her how if I’m at my account Is suspended??? Her tone changed got snippy and said look nothing I can do unless YOU pay. I said I’ve not worked for two weeks due my internet being down caused by your employee. She said we’ll get a friend to give you their cc or borrow some cuz I can’t do anything bout it .. I said well maybe I’m going g to have to cancel cuz without internet j can’t work.  She said. Well maybe you should, I can transfer you to the dept to start your cancellation thank you goodbye .. is this normal practice ?? I didn’t even get to explain everything she got snooty and didn’t try to help.  I’m beyond frustrated    NOne wants to help UNPESS YOU PAY. OH WHICH Reminds me that darn robo assistant on the phone if there is it due balance on your account will hang up on you every time instead of letting you talk to representative   Says “ before we can assist you a payment MUST BE made”    Wow.   Speechless. I spent over an hour trying to get a rep. Guess imma have to escalate. Ugh. Saddend by this 

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