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Tue, Oct 26, 2021 12:01 AM

Randomly adding charges w/o notification

I am one of the few DSL customers left because we and 10 other families live on a dirt rd.  We have been with AT&T since 2010 - long time customers. 

After a phone call to AT&T for cell phone charges in excess of $743.00 they credited back to my acct, the next months DSL bill went up $20.  No notification; no nothing.  I just called and tried very hard to understand the 2 people I had to talk to.  I was told in their training in June - they were no longer excepting new DSL customers. ( Um I don't care) and now I have to pay for anything I use over a certain amount.   With NO notification.  NONE!!    We cant get their $high dollar internet because they wont bring it out here-.  I live 700 ft .off the main rd.  700 ft.!!   I just want to know WHY weren't we notified.  Nick badge #2147626 (which just dawned on me is probably a shady badge #) said his 3 Supervisors were all busy on a (ONE) call and would call me back.  HMMMMMM!!! Just like the one the other day about my cell phone.  Still waiting.  All he kept saying was "If a new customer moves here they wont be able to get DSL"  Again, I don't care, I am not a new customer.  "We are doing away with DSL".  I know that as well but I still have DSL.  Is it legal to add charges to a person's bill without notifying them?  Are they  just to make us cancel our service?  Like Bullying us? It feel like they are bullying us? OMG!! We are being bullied by a corporation.  GO FIGURE. 

I have 4 phones, a watch, Direct TV and Internet thru this company and pay close to $650 a month for all services. Partly because they are ridiculous and charging us $60 each for the 55 & older plan which is supposed to be $80 for 2 phones w/ a $10 discount for auto pay.  ANYWAY! different issue different forum.  I have 3 adult children and they all have AT&T.  WONDER WHY!!  Because we have all AT&T services we are suppose to have unlimited DSL/Internet. 

I'm a hybrid worker pretty much like 1/2 the country.  Now AT&T wants to penalize me because of a pandemic; they want to get rid of their DSL customers and they are shady?  Does our loyalty mean anything to this company?  UM, NO!!   I cant get Verizon because our house is wired for ATT  for internet, and I really don't want to change to one of the other internet providers, because regardless of AT&T being crooks and always charging hidden fees their service ( not customer) has always been pretty decent.  

My husband has auto pay for all AT&T services so just like with the cell phone bill - I never really see them.  Because of the massive massive over charges that are still going on with our cell phones he now looks at the bills.  

If I cancel one service I will cancel them all and my kids all said they are on board for what AT&T is putting us thru.  One bill has billing errors in excess of $783 and now we are on $60 for internet.  I guess I need to get the Direct bills and look at them.  Its being to look like small claims court in a pandemic no doubt.  What theives.

So to recap, Why am I being charged $20 extra on my bill with no notification???   Isn't this ILLEGAL?  

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Details on the bill?

What went up? Monthly rate, overage charges, etc

At $20 I would expect overage charges….
$10/50G up to $200 per month in overages allowed.

Legacy DSL has a data cap of 150G, there is no unlimited on legacy accounts.

Uverse DSL accounts have a 1T data cap with overage charges of $10/50G up to $100 per month allowed.

Uverse DSL also has an unlimited option for extra $30 per month beyond the standard rate.

edit…. There was a $2 per month increase on DSL internet at the end of June 2021, likely reflected in billing within 2 or 3 months.




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Incorrect - I was working from home only from October 2020 - March 2021 because of COVID.  I worked a full 8 hrs + every day and 4-6 on weekends.  So let me repeat what I said above  because I dont believe it was read correctly or maybe I didn't make myself clear - I have never been charged for data overages.  

I have again NEVER been charged overages on my bill. Honestly what sense would that make if I am to watch on demand movies thru AT&T's Direct TV.  I have always had ATT Wireless, ATT Direct and ATT Internet.   My bill does NOT say "Legacy DSL" FYI it says and this is my October 2021 bill "Fast Access (R) DSL Direct Xtreme PRO"

As with the other employees, I really think you have no clue either.  No matter waht you call it DSL or a bunch of bull$%^&   AT&T is again stealing my money -  I know what my bill has been, I can see my bill and bills from previous months and years.  And if what you are saying is correct WHY did the data cap overages just start in July.   I understand you work for AT&T however your facts are incorrect. 



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Oh and detail the bill went up $20 there is no $2.00 increase on anything.  The bill was always a straight $61.00 and now its a straight $81  $20 because of internet charges.  Let me put it exactly the way it says then maybe someone will understand 

1. FastAccess (R) DSL XremePro                                                      61.00

   from Oct 1 thru Oct 31

2. Internet Usage                                                                             20.00

Total Billed on behalf of BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC         81.00

Total Itemized charges and Credits                                                 81.00

Total Internet Services                                                                    81.00

Now what????? 

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