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Thursday, June 7th, 2018 4:11 AM

Price to break contract?

Hello ATT Community Forums!

This ISP is absolutely horrible. I'm currently typing this in a Notepad (to be copy and pasted here), because this page took the internet ~4 minutes this far to load.

Right now my monthly bill is $220. Well, not mine, but my parents. I just got back from college, where we had fiber internet, so coming back to "15Mbps" is an incredible difference, especially when 90% of the time it's really 2Mbps.

Right now, we're paying for 15Mbps, TV connection + ESPN + 2nd TV, and phone. Looking at Comcast, I can get all of that for $20 less, with additional channels I want (HBO) and without 3,000 Spanish channels/infomercials, oh, and 400Mbps.

But at least it's a consistent 2Mbps, right? This 2012 router can consistently deliver, right? Nope, not even close. Anytime I go to download anything, the router decides to shut down multiple times in the process, to the point of where I can't download anything over 50MB without it being through MegaSync or some other website/software which will not stop the download when the internet breaks.

Worst of all is the ping, and how much the ATT speed tests lie. I go to the official website, and I get 15Down 2Up, as well as 39 ping. Go to Google, and I just got 5Down, .59Up as well as 112 ping. Go to SpeedTest and I get 4.2Down, .39Up, as well as 134 ping. Go to CS:GO, and I have 559 ping.

But of course, this means that other devices are running at the same time, right?

Right now my family is watching something they recorded on the DVR, and my dad's reading an article using our Verizon 4G network, which ironically has a higher Download/Upload speed as well as a better ping than this installed network.


So here's my question: Where do I go to find out how much it costs to break my contract? This account isn't linked to my main account, but I guarantee within the next two weeks we will be changing to the obviously superior choice (Y'all are literally ripping off my parents).

We've had the Network and Phone for a few years now, and I doubt they've changed anything with either of those plans, and we got the TV bundle later on down the line, around 3 years ago. I don't believe we should be charged for leaving, as I don't believe we're on contract anymore, and even if we were we've been customers since 2007, so I feel as though for how much we've paid vs how much we've received since then we partially deserve to be allowed to break a contract, if there is one.

Please help, I would rather not stay on this network for much longer, and my mom wants a new iPhone, so paying less for Xfinity is sure to help her upgrade.


Update: Just did the Google Internet Speed Test again: Whopping 0.20Mbps download, 0Mbps upload. The test couldn't complete because there was no upload speed whatsoever.

"The test can't be completed due to a problem with the network. Try again later."

ATT is a joke.



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6 years ago

Update: Contract expired in January of 2016, thank God. I'm incredibly happy Xfinity is available in my area, because AT&T was taking advantage of how they were a Monopoly here, giving us horrible connection for incredible prices. I don't like Xfinity much either, but at least they're better than this bottom of the bucket company.


On the phone call about the contracts, apparently, we were up for a "discount" or "promotion" or something of that sort. Switch our phones to AT&T to get HBO and $17 off our TV bill! Haha, That'd still be $30 more expensive than Xfinity, and considering two bars of Verizon's 4G Network is faster and more reliable than your HOME NETWORK, I'd honestly rather die than feed this place any more money. Hope the States put an end to you big ISPs.

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