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Monday, April 3rd, 2017 9:07 PM

Poor Customer Service on Home Services Number

I am searching for a new internet service provider,  Online, I found the advertised rate and called AT&T's customer service number, 855.839.3056.  The first three times, the background noise was bad. I could barely make out the agent asking, "caller can you hear me?"  Annoyed, but understanding technical difficulties, I called back thinking I could point that out for AT&T's benefit.  

I finally got through to a very clear spoken young man named Braden (sic).  He went through his script and asked all the questions to gather the information necessary to get me a few steps closer to closing the deal.  He placed me on a 3:37 hold to verify your internet rate in my area,  I thought that was a bit excessive, but I listened to Braden tell me how he was able to "find me" a plan that was better than what I needed for my stated internet usage and how it was only $40 / mo..  I proceeded to thank Braden and to let him know that I was shopping the rates and that I would call back as soon as I had made my decision.  Braden continued to pull offering to get me pre-qualified to make sure I wouldn't have to "put anything down."  I assured him that I knew I wouldn't have to put anything down, at which point he thanked me "for wasting our time."

The waste of time was mine... my fourth phone call (totalling 15:33 to effectively get 1 - 2 minutes of information, and to be rudely hung up on by your agent.  But it gets better... 

I called back (5th call) asking for a supervisor and this time got Benji (sic).  Benji probed for my phone number so he could pull up the call history.  Knowing how agents sometimes cover for agents, I politely asked to just speak with the Supervisor.  Benji made a comment about my condescending tone and immediately hung up on me.  

Finally a got through on my 6th call, asked for a supervisor, and Eric (sic) asked me for my phone number.  I was able to politely refuse and finally got through to Andrew.  Andrew listened, apologized profusely, took my numbers, and indicated that this would be followed through with appropriately.  This forum post is to make sure it does and to seek a formal written response from AT&T on how they will try to improve their first impressions with Customers seeking to do business with them.  

I have recordings of the first four phone calls and you are welcome to email me at the email associated with this account.



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7 years ago

Hello @Disappointed01a

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


  • Name
  • Account number or Service Address
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you


We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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