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Sat, Sep 8, 2018 8:14 PM

**Please Read** Terrible Customer Service


12191167_10153794264489962_9103024434748943137_o.jpgThis blows my mind.  I just hung up with Customer Service. I called because my bill went up after the term of my promotional deal ended and I was hoping to lower the amount of my new bill.  Mind you, I have the lowest internet plan available at 25mbps... yes 25mbps which I was paying $40 a month for before it just went up.  I hate to admit - I was SOBBING on the phone explaining to this woman that I am a 100% Disabled Veteran on a fixed income and I cannot afford much.  To try and further my point, I explained that I have the lowest cost prepaid cell plan, the lowest tier of DirectvNow.  She said there's nothing she can do.  Military discount?  Nope.  Small discount for being a loyal customer for years & years?  Nope. After crying and begging on the phone I realized I was giving her way too much power so I hung up on her.  AT&T could flush millions down the toilet and never notice yet they can't even help a veteran (or anyone!) out who relies on internet for entertainment and to stay connected to society.  Unbelievable.  Having said all that, has anyone had a good experience with another internet provider? Woman Sad

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Cute puppy and thank you for your service.


Call back and ask for "Retentions".  Get pricing for other ISPs and see if AT&T can match it.  If not, be prepared to walk.


There's also the ACCESS program for those on SNAP.

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NEW customer discounts for internet speed from 10M to 100M is $50 a month, a $10 discount off list price of $60.

It would be hard to get back to $40 when the current lowest price is $50.

You may be able to get $40 internet but that requires taking speed less than 10M which is 5M.

As most HD streams need 5.5 to 6 to function, lowering your speed to 5M would be watching (entertainment) SD programming instead of HD.


The ACCESS program referenced for 10M or 5M for $10 a month, if on SNAP.

This would provide some relief at a lower bandwidth.


And yes, thank you for your service from Navy vet.

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