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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 4:15 PM

Outlook 2013 account migration

This is what i have done so far:

--I have backed up all .pst files from my old installation of Outlook 2013 onto an external hard drive.

--Then I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10.

--Now I am trying to re-set up my email accounts in Outlook 2013 on my new Windows 10 setup.

--What i did was to copy my saved .pst files and pasted them into the Outlook data folder on my upgraded Win 10 computer.

--When I opened Outlook 2013, nothing appeared in the inbox.

--So I went into ACCOUNT SETTINGS and then into DATA files and clicked on ADD and then was able to, one-by-one, add my .pst files to the list.

--Then when I went back to the INBOX, i saw all my emails and accounts. But even though all my emails are visible, I cannot receive or send emails because the actual accounts have not been set up yet. I had thought that importing the .pst files would have automatically set up the accounts, but that is not true.

QUESTION #1: Do I need to manually re-set up the accounts?

QUESTION #2: When I do this, will the accounts automatically connect to the .pst files that i pasted into the Outlook folder?

QUESTION #3: Or did I do this in the incorrect order? Should I have manually set up the accounts first so that .pst files would have been established in the Outlook data folder, and then closed Outlook and replaced the newly created .pst files with the .pst files that I have saved from the external hard drive?



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a year ago

Hey, @dakotajoe.


Thanks for reaching out! We'd be glad to help you get your outlook set up properly.


It may be that some settings were skewed when you were setting up the accounts, so we'd advise running through our Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool to make sure they were set up properly. Once you get there, go to Email Setup and Repair under Common Topics.


For further assistance you will need to contact Outlook support.


Let us know if you have anymore questions, thanks for choosing AT&T!


Ramses, AT&T Community Specialist

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