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Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 1:35 AM

On the phone for 1 hour - zero solutions to my question.

One simple question - what is my DirectTV and U-verse bill? As in "what am I paying for?" I wait on hold every month to find out what my bill is, and why can't I combine them, talking to multiple people in staying on hold, bouncing around for an hour. This time, one hour and 13 minutes later, Raymond in the collections department was the most polite, but had the most horrible customer service EVER. I never was even able to ask him anything because he cute me off with every sentence. He told me helped me, and literally did nothing for me but "transfer me" to who knows where. I didn't even get a word in. DIRECTV might be the worst possible service at this company for the simple fact they tell you your bill is one thing, and you don't pay that. I go to and then it redirects me to my internet bill... WHAT? it's a trap!!!! You have to call to pay your bill there, and then you wait, and waste your time. They don't let you see your bill so you never know what you are paying for. HORRIBLE SITUATION I have gotten myself in. And apparently this month it is five people who cannot combine my AT&T and DIRECTV bill. What a joke!!!!!!!!!

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6 years ago

Hello @Sarahashley88!

I apologize you don’t have access to the bill of the two accounts. Knowing the status of each account is very important. I regret hearing you were cut off mid-sentence during discussions. This is not what we want happening when you call in for help. Understandably combing the billing will make things simpler as well. I will gladly help with this today!

For getting your U-verse account set up please visit this page. On this website you can setup your DirecTV profile. Once your accounts are setup for DirecTV and U-Verse you can then view your bills. Regarding setting up combined billing please visit this page.

I’m glad I could help. Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Daniel, AT&T Community Specialist

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