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Sun, Dec 20, 2015 3:25 AM

Need to see or reset DSL Network Password

I am looking to see or reset my DSL Network password. However, the only link i can find talks about resetting it ( and it seems to have outdated information because I cannot find the DSL Network Password section it keeps refering to. Can anyone help? Any information would be greatly appreciated.




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6 y ago

Okay, this one is actually un-neccisarily complicated...  The main reson your network password (for classic dsl) is so hard to access is that is it only used to log into your dsl phone connection, and nothing else.

You should not need to reset it, as the ONLY thing you can do with it is log on to your internet connection over your phone line.

However, you can call ATT's customer service, and they can provide it to you after you verify you are the customer associated with the account. (I have actually done this twice, due to getting a new pc, and was unable to recall my netowrk password.)


I looked over the links you refered to, and i have to agree, what it refers to is simply not there.


And, other threads i have seen, imply that to change your network password, you have to go thru their paid customer service (Commtech or some such) as they consider this outside normal customer service requests. (Just repeating more or less what I read.)


To my knowledge, a call to the customer service tech support is the only way i know to retreive your dsl network password, if you lose it, and the paid suppor tis the only way i have heard of to "change" it.


(There is an app that you can use to revel your systems connection password, but i forget the name of it. found it on one of those geek tech support sites.)

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