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Thursday, August 24th, 2023 10:23 PM

Major Complaint BEWARE

Today when I called about my internet service I was told it was in suspension and that I would need to pay the balance to activate the account then I may upgrade to Fiber.  I work from home so I asked, How long would it be before services are restored?  I was told 2hrs and after 2hrs I would get a call back to ensure it is activated and to schedule a date for Fiber installation.  So i paid the balance and 2 in a half hours later the same rep called me back.  She began saying she was checking to see if my account was activated but in the mean time lets get my scheduled for Fiber.  I explained my account is not activated and would like to to ensure that before moving forward.  She then told me my acct was cancelled and I would have to wait 4/5 days to connect fiber so I would be without out service in-between time. I'm sure commission is being paid out for each fiber activation as to why I was mislead by this rep.  I asked to speak to a Sup who was no help either.  All he could say (very broken english for both reps) was the 1st day available is Monday.  It is Thursday and I need to work.  I will be filing a complaint with cooperate because I was deliberately lied to for a commission check.  If they took the time to listen to the call they would know this! This happened 8/24/23 early afternoon! The reps at the call center will tell you anything to get that commission.

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